5 Reasons Why You Should Launch A Second Messenger Channel
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5 Reasons Why You Should Launch A Second Messenger Channel

Here are 5 convincing reasons why launching your second Messenger channel will be so much easier than launching the first.
5 Reasons Why You Should Launch A Second Messenger Channel

How to succeed at setting up multiple Messenger channels

We want you to learn about direct-to-fan messaging and Messenger marketing and apply that knowledge so you can achieve your marketing goals. Because Messenger marketing works. If you’ve tried it, this is something you already know, and you don’t need us to tell you.

So we won’t. 🤷

But you might be handling a roster of several artists or organizing more than one event or festival. And even though you’ve seen through success with your initial channel...

You might still be hesitant to try launching a Messenger channel for your other projects. So here are 5 convincing reasons why launching your second Messenger channel will be so much easier than launching the first:

1. You already know how to build a successful channel

You went through the process of designing a Messenger channel already. You’re familiar with introduction flows and the Chat-editor, you know how to grow your subscriber count quickly and efficiently, and how to schedule a broadcast. Basically, you’re an expert already. So put that hard-won expertise to use, a second time!  

2. Case studies from your initial channel can help convince naysayers

You might not be in a position to make unilateral decisions. We know how hard it can be to convince management to give the green light on your ideas. But this time, your ideas are tried and tested! Show them the stats on your previous successful Messenger campaigns to help persuade them - you can check open rate % statistics here!

Your Messenger game is on point. Build on that!

3. One channel’s popularity can build on its predecessor’s

You ran a campaign that was super well-received. It got your subscribers talking across their socials: “Artist X’s Messenger channel is such a blast! Love it!” This word-of-mouth marketing is going to work in favour of your new channels, as well.

If you work for a record label, you’re sure to have fans who are into more than one of your artists. Meaning your fans are going to be expecting the same high quality from your new channels as the from the one they engaged with already. So make sure the quality of your campaigns is consistently high.

4. Winning conversation flow formulas can be recycled

Did you and your team spend hours crafting the perfect conversation flows for your Messenger marketing campaigns? Did you manage to create that one quiz that had your audience running off at the mouth for months? Launch your second channel and you can simply reuse all these assets. There's really no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to writing great conversation flows.

Just copy + past your winning formulas

5. You can use the same social channel to promote all of your Messenger channels

“Join artist X, Y, and Z, on Messenger to keep up with all their latest updates.” You can simply put three ‘m.me’ links in one Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn post or Tweet. This means you only have to pay expensive advertising fees just once. But you get three times the results. Makes total sense, right? At a loss as to how to promote your channel? Read up on our proven ways to do so!

You will save time, energy and resources.

Your marketing strategies will become more efficient. Reaching your audience directly will expedite reaching your marketing goals, instead of seeing your growth stagnate. You can launch multiple channel through the dashboard, and even assign different user roles and billing to each one. Agency/label style!

So if you’ve already been successful at Messenger marketing...

What we need from you is to launch your second channel now, and watch ticket sales/open rates/customer satisfaction soar 🚀. To do this, simply sign in to your I AM POP dashboard, and click on the 'Switch or create bot' button.


This brings you to the 'Bot overview' page where you can click on 'Create a new bot' to start work on your new channel. Simply pick a template or start from scratch with the Blank template.


Wait a minute... We forgot we were talking to a Messenger marketing expert, here. You probably already know how all of this works. So get going, and let us know how you fare at getting your second Messenger channel up and running!

P.s. Did you know…

The guys over at Green House Group have already launched multiple channels for quite a few of the artists on their roster, like Reverend and the Makers, the Kooks, Shed Seven, and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. Can you find all of their artists with a Messenger channel?

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