Announcing the POP + Zapier integration
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Announcing the POP + Zapier integration

POP now fully integrates with Zapier. If you’re a marketer who’s looking to run efficient chat marketing campaigns, your life just got a lot easier.
Announcing the POP + Zapier integration

If you’re a marketer who’s looking to run efficient chat marketing campaigns, your life just got a lot easier.

We’re excited to announce that our platform now fully integrates with Zapier and it’s 2.000+ connected apps. Not only that, with the help of this integration you can create multi-step workflows that allow you to automate more parts of your customer journey operations.

With this product upgrade, you can automate tedious manual processes and make the most out of your POP audience data. Use Zapier to integrate POP with a third-party platform and enrich data across your tech stack.


What’s Zapier?

Long story short, Zapier lets you send data from one app to another. It lets you set up Zaps, which are automated workflows that connect your apps and services together.

A Zap consists of a trigger on one side, and an action on the other. When it’s turned on, it will perform the action every time the trigger occurs.

With POP, you can set up custom filter presets to create dynamically updated segments of your audience. Every time someone in your audience matches all of the filter preset conditions, this will trigger your Zap and perform an action.

How to use the POP + Zapier integration?

To get you started, we’ve already added some template integrations connecting POP to the following apps:

Use these out-of-the-box integrations to automate data transfers from POP to your app of choice.

What this can do for your business

The Zapier + POP integration is going to help you build an automated, chat marketing machine. Workflows that used to take hours will now only take minutes. We are also adding more Zap templates as we speak. Chat marketing automation just became a lot more efficient!

For complete documentation and plenty of example Zaps, check out our integration page.

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