Messenger Marketing - Our Future Vision
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Messenger Marketing - Our Future Vision

Here's an actionable guide on how to successfully change your messaging strategies, and our vision for the future of Messenger Marketing.
Messenger Marketing - Our Future Vision

Facebook's recent policy changes to the Messenger platform affect many current use cases for Messenger Marketing.

In light of Facebook's recent policy changes, here's an actionable guide on how to successfully change your messaging strategies, as well as our vision for the future of Messenger Marketing.

How it works now

Facebook Messenger Marketing is becoming more campaign based. Maximize Standard Messaging’s 24 hour window by following this checklist:

  1. Define a campaign goal (build awareness, generate leads, sell tickets)
  2. Write a flow that supports this goal
  3. Distribute it across your preferred channels

Most campaign goals don’t require recurring broadcasting or a follow-up message outside the 24 hour window to be successful. You can easily use Standard Messaging to generate leads, build sales funnels and grow your email list.

Boosting ticket sales, sharing exclusive content, offering limited discounts on merchandise or running an ‘ask me anything’ campaign. All of these goals can be achieved within a 24 hour window of users triggering a flow, as well.

Check out our revamped Featured Flow gallery for ready-made flows that you can use out of the box or customize to your liking. Preview them by hitting the blue Messenger icon or saving them and opening to edit in ‘My Flows’.

A simple 3-step messaging strategy


Distribute these flows using the ‘’ link (available via the ‘More options’ menu in the top right hand corner of the chat editor) wherever you see fit: Facebook or LinkedIn posts, Tweets, your Instagram bio or Story swipe-ups.

Consider using our new Comment-to-Messenger feature like Turno, as well. This feature can really catapult engagement on Facebook posts.

Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads
We also recommend taking advantage of 2019’s most powerful Facebook Ad format, Click-to-Messenger, to funnel a target audience into a flow - this is what we’ve been doing, and the results have been amazing so far. Check out our complete guide to Click-to-Messenger ads!

Sponsored Messages
Remember that a Facebook Messenger audience is a very warm audience. These users are typically highly engaged and super-familiar with your business and content, making them an ideal audience for marketing your paid products. When you target warmer audiences, you’ll find you convert at a higher rate and your ads cost less.

Use Sponsored Messages to re-target everyone who’s had a conversation with you on Messenger before. If you’ve segmented a specific audience using I AM POP, and collected this segment’s e-mail addresses, you can export these to create a custom audience and retarget them with a Sponsored Message.

For a small fee - $0,03 per delivery in the US - you can send promotional content in broadcasts to this highly targeted audience of warm leads. And it works: QVC saw 5.3X higher return on ad spend compared to other Facebook ads.

How we will shape the future

Needless to say, these are exciting times for the newfound field of Messenger Marketing. Together with our clients and partners, we are constantly adapting to changes and developments in the field of direct messaging.

In the coming months, we’re rolling out new products and features that will make optimal use of the new Messenger policy. Namely: Inbox and Journeys.

First up is a major new feature that will help manage and filter results for your Messenger Marketing campaigns (e.g. selecting winners from a ‘win tickets’ campaign). You will also be able to escalate conversations to a live agent or streamline your FAQ automation.

A sneak peek preview of the Inbox

It’s a better way to manage your current Facebook inbox, where you will be able to manage all incoming queries, using an intuitive tag system so you can filter and better organize support.

You’ve tried using the Facebook inbox for conversations on scale. You’ll understand just how necessary an improved inbox is for customer service.  

In 2020, we also expect people to increasingly use Messenger conversations as an alternative to traditional landing pages.

Driving people from an ad into Messenger shortens the customer journey significantly.

And creates a direct line of contact for support in the process.


Check out this article on Messenger landing pages.

If you’re left with any questions about these recent changes or our future products, or if you have any form of input whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re looking forward to what the future of messaging has to offer and we think you should, too.

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