How to set up a Facebook Live stream campaign
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How to set up a Facebook Live stream campaign

Facebook Live is the perfect solution to streaming events remotely. Use the opportunity to convert Facebook Live fans into reachable Messenger followers!
How to set up a Facebook Live stream campaign

The COVID-19 crisis is making people worldwide practice social distancing and stay at home, which means many live events are cancelled. Facebook Live is the perfect solution to streaming these events remotely. Use the opportunity to convert Facebook Live fans into reachable Messenger followers!

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Why set up a Facebook Live stream campaign?

The comment section of a Facebook Live stream feels more like a chatroom than that of a regular post. This usually leads to a ton of comments. When you’re streaming live, your content is dynamic, exciting and original, encouraging people to comment on the action as it unfolds.

Setting up a Comment-to-Messenger rule on your Facebook Live stream allows you to automatically send everyone who comments a message. This can be a single message or an entire conversation flow.

Engage your Facebook Live fans with a personal touch and unique chat experience! Best of all, the Messenger chat window will pop up, so you’re seamlessly interacting with your fans while they continue enjoying the live stream.

Convert Facebook Live fans into reachable Messenger followers

In the Messenger flow, you can engage your fans with unique content that supplements what’s happening in your live stream. You can also automatically capture valuable data that will benefit your future business.

It’s the perfect way to start the conversation with your fans and grow your Messenger audience in the process.

You can set up the Comment-to-Messenger feature to send everyone who comments a message. But you could also consider setting up different Comment-to-Messenger rules that trigger different flows when people comment with specific keywords.

Here are some examples of how this works:

Artists: Your show got cancelled, so instead you’re playing a live DJ set on Facebook Live. In the middle of your set, you play one of your unreleased tracks. Say something like:

“I wrote this track in Ibiza last year. Comment ‘IBIZA’ and I’ll send it to you straight away!”

Set up a Comment-to-Messenger rule for that keyword, which triggers a flow that shares the mp3 file in Messenger, if people leave their email address.

Commerce: You’re launching a new range of sneakers, but you’ve decided to showcase them in a Facebook Live stream first. As you’re discussing a specific limited edition pair of Vans, tell your fans:

“If you’d like to be the first to purchase this unique pair of sneakers, comment ‘VANS 2020’ and we’ll send over an exclusive link”

In your Messenger flow, link to an unlisted product page. People will be able to purchase these shoes without ever leaving your live stream. This will boost your sales figures significantly.

Services: You can easily host a webinar or any type of training on Facebook Live. As you’re explaining difficult concepts, ask people to comment a specific keyword to receive supplementary content:

“If I’m going through this too quickly, comment ‘Lesson 1’ below and I’ll send you the slide deck in Messenger”

Add the document to your Messenger flow and ask people to leave their email address to unlock it, for instance.

Here’s a visualized example of a Facebook Live stream campaign workflow in Messenger:

An example of a Facebook Live stream campaign workflow

How to set this up in minutes

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Step 1. Log into your ShopPop dashboard

Sign in to your ShopPop account, and go to ‘My Campaigns’ to get started. This is where you create new flows and start all of your chat marketing campaigns.

We added a basic ‘Facebook Live stream campaign’ template flow in ‘Templates’. This is a framework for you to edit to your liking.

Select it and save it to ‘My Campaigns’ to start building your own.

Step 2. Write your Messenger flow(s)

You’re going to need to amend your Messenger flows so they suit your campaign’s purposes. If you’re setting up several Comment-to-Messenger rules, triggered by different keywords throughout your Facebook Live stream, you will need to write the corresponding flows first.

Keep the user experience in mind while writing your flow. We’ll use the example of letting Facebook Live fans opt in to receive a future ‘one-time notification’ when your new music is released.

In our flow, we’ll ask people if they’d like to be contacted through Messenger, email, or SMS, and ask them for the necessary contact information, as well as include a ‘one-time notification’ opt-in.

Any comment will trigger this Messenger flow

Step 3. Set up your Facebook Live stream

Go to your Facebook Business page and find the option to start a Facebook Live stream. This will open Facebook Live Producer. Set up your Live Stream and click the ‘Go Live’ button.

Once you’ve done this, you will be able to set up Comment-to-Messenger rules that apply to the Facebook Live stream. You'll want to hold off on going live until you've set up the Comment-to-Messenger feature.

Step 4. Set up your Comment-to-Messenger rule(s)

Go to the ‘Comment-to-Messenger’ tab in the ‘Automations’ section of your ShopPop dashboard to create new Comment-to-Messenger rules.

Set up your rule and underneath ‘Track comments on’ select the ‘Specific post’ option. Next, go back to Facebook Live Producer and start your Live stream.

Once it’s published and you've gone live, select your published Facebook Live stream, submit your new Comment-to-Messenger rule and you’re good to go!

How you'll benefit from this campaign

By converting comments into reachable Messenger followers, a Facebook Live stream campaign will help your business grow in several ways. Setting up a Comment-to-Messenger rule allows you to:

  • Engage your Facebook Live fans with a unique, supplementary chat experience
  • Encourage fans to opt-in for future updates, or to shop in your online store
  • Gather, export and analyze valuable data
  • Grow your Messenger audience for retargeting in future campaigns
  • Open up a direct line of communication for support

Depending on your business goals, this is a golden opportunity to make me the most out of people commenting on your Facebook Live stream.

Boost sales with conversational commerce, share exclusive content, and build an email list at the same time. The more people tune in, the more powerful this campaign will be. Especially if your live video goes viral.

Tutorial: How to set up a Facebook Live stream campaign

A short video tutorial on how to set up a Facebook Live stream campaign

If you need any help with setting up your Facebook Live stream campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our customer success team is more than happy to help you out!

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