How to set up a sneaker raffle campaign
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How to set up a sneaker raffle campaign

If you’re launching a limited edition pair of sneakers, there’s no better way to create urgency than by running an online raffle campaign.
How to set up a sneaker raffle campaign

If you’re launching a limited edition pair of sneakers, there’s no better way to create urgency than by running an online raffle campaign. Let people enter your raffle’s draw for an exclusive chance to be able to buy the product.

TL;DR - Check out the tutorial video at the bottom of this article 👇

Why set up a sneaker raffle campaign?

People love exclusives. Setting up a sneaker raffle so only a select few people can buy your soon-to-be launched product creates a sense of urgency that’ll make sure your sales will skyrocket.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to launch a limited edition pair of sneakers with the power of chat marketing. Ultimately, you'll be able to run an online raffle campaign on Messenger for every type of product.

Just like when you create a traditional landing page for your sneaker raffle campaign, make sure to use a timely deadline in your chat marketing. This’ll add that extra level of urgency and fear of missing out to your campaign.

Example of a countdown timer for a sneaker raffle campaign

Getting people to participate in a sneaker raffle campaign on Messenger is easy! Make sure you use one of our 'conversation starters', like a Comment-to-Messenger rule or a Click-to-Messenger ad to drive traffic to your flow from Facebook and Instagram.

Click-to-Messenger ads are an especially scalable conversation starter, since you can use the advanced Facebook targeting options to find customers relevant to your business.

Better yet, if you’re promoting your new product launch in a live stream, set up a Comment-to-Messenger rule. In your live stream, ask people to comment with a specific keyword and let those comments trigger your Messenger flow.

In the flow, link to your product page so people can enter the raffle in a seamless and conversational experience. Added benefits:

  • You can gather, export and analyze valuable data in the process
  • You grow your audience for future campaigns
  • You open up a direct line of communication for support
  • You build hype and ensure enough people participate in the raffle

Here's a visualized example of a sneaker raffle campaign workflow in Messenger:

An example of a sneaker raffle campaign workflow

How to set this up in minutes

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Step 1. Log into your ShopPop dashboard

Sign in to your ShopPop account, and go to ‘My Campaigns’ to get started. This is where you create new flows and start all of your chat marketing campaigns.

We added a basic ‘Sneaker Raffle’ template Flow in ‘Templates’. This is a framework for you to edit to your liking. Select it and save it to ‘My Campaigns’ to start building your own.

Step 2. Choose your campaign type

Choosing a campaign type to start conversations depends a lot on how your brand or business engages with its audience.

Do you have a large amount of website visitors already? Consider setting up a website widget that drives traffic to your ‘Online raffle campaign’ flow.

Does your business already run a lot of Facebook ads? Make use of your advertising skills and set up a Click-to-Messenger ad.

Do you have a lot of likes on your Facebook page? Draft a Facebook post and set up a Comment-to-Messenger growth rule to activate your newsfeed, boost engagement and drive people who comment to the flow.

Use a Click-to-Messenger ad as entry point for your campaign

You can combine all of these conversation starters to ensure you get the best results, of course! It doesn’t matter which way people enter your ‘Online raffle campaign’ flow, so get creative and try to enter as many people in your draw as possible.

Step 3. Write your Messenger flow accordingly

For this guide, we’ll use the example of a Click-to-Messenger ad as an entry point. As this ad type starts with a greeting message you set up in Facebook Ads Manager, we’ll have to slightly tweak the copy of the Messenger flow in ShopPop.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to Facebook Ads Manager and:

  1. Create an Instagram or Facebook post/story
  2. Write the initial response message
  3. Add a button and link it to your sneaker raffle campaign

Start the conversation. Start your Messenger flow where the button left off to create a seamless customer journey. Next, ask people to leave their email address to enter the draw.

Capture email. Use an action component to create a segment of all the participants that left their email address. Since your limited edition sneakers will have limited availability for each shoe size, let’s add a shoe size capture component.

Gather shoe sizes. In an embedded flow, use Quick Replies to separate men’s sizes from women’s sizes. An action component will add a men’s/women’s value to a custom field in people’s user properties when they click the Quick Reply buttons.

Gather shoe sizes directly in Messenger

Next, add an ‘ask for user data’ component, create a custom field for ‘Shoe Size’ and set the validation type to text, so people can leave their shoe sizes. This data will automatically be saved in each user’s properties.

One-time notification opt-in. Finally, we’re going to add a ‘one-time notification’ component, so we can send people who click ‘Notify me’ a notification, straight to Messenger, when the limited edition sneakers are available.

Have people opt-in for a notification and offer support

We’ll let the ‘Notify me’ button trigger another flow that drives traffic to your store and contains a ‘Get support’ button that raises the conversation in your Inbox.

Export audience data. At the end of your campaign, export the segment of participants, and you’ll have a neat data set with people’s individual email addresses and shoe sizes. Use this data to get an indication of how many sneakers you will need in each size!

Step 4. Launch your sneaker raffle campaign on Messenger

Now that your campaign is all set up, it’s time to start promoting. If you’re running a Click-to-Messenger ad, simply publish the ad and track the incoming messages in your ShopPop Inbox.

There are also other ways to promote the campaign, of course. You can:

  • Create an Instagram swipe-up story that links to your flow
  • Add the flow to your Instagram bio
  • Share it in organic Facebook posts
  • Link to it in your Facebook story
  • Tweet a link to the flow

Best of all, consider showcasing the new sneakers in a Facebook live stream. This way, you can set up a Comment-to-Messenger rule that triggers your sneaker raffle campaign flow. In your live stream, show off your limited edition sneakers, and ask people to comment a specific keyword that triggers the flow as they’re watching the stream.

This will trigger the campaign flow, onboarding, people while they continue watching. How’s that for direct, live conversational commerce!

At the end of your campaign, send out the notification with the exclusive link to your first come, first served limited edition sneakers to make sure they’re sold out quickly.

End your campaign with this one-time notification

Pro-tip: after sharing the exclusive link, add another one-time notification component, and ask people to opt-in for a notification when your next sneaker raffle campaign goes live!

How you'll benefit from this campaign

Setting up a sneaker raffle campaign on Messenger will help you grow your business in several ways. Some of these are quite straightforward. You will:

  • Fill up your online raffle draw in no time
  • Immediately sell out your limited edition sneakers
  • Gather valuable information about participants
  • Provide a unique and engaging conversational experience
  • Open up a direct line of communication for questions and support

Best of all, however: not everyone will be able to get their hands on your limited edition release. But you’ll still have built an audience of people that were interested in buying your product.

This audience is a perfect seed audience for your next campaigns. Export the segment of participants and create a Custom or Lookalike Audience in Facebook Ads Manager to make sure your next campaign is even more successful!

Tutorial: How to set up a sneaker raffle campaign

A 3-minute video tutorial on how to set up a sneaker raffle campaign

This campaign also works with...

We used the example product of a limited edition pair of sneakers. Setting up an online raffle campaign also works well with other examples, of course. You could use this playbook as:

  • A beauty influencer, promoting a new make-up product on Instagram
  • An artist, selling a limited amount of signed LPs
  • An online store, giving away a set amount of discount coupons
  • A SaaS business, handing out a limited amount of free accounts

What other use cases can you think of? Which one would work best for your business? Get in touch and let us know!

If you need any help with setting up your sneaker raffle campaign, don't hesitate to get in touch. Our customer success team is more than happy to help you out!

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