How To Run A Successful AMA Session On Messenger
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How To Run A Successful AMA Session On Messenger

Try running an 'ask me anything' session through your Messenger channel. It’s a perfect incentive for sign-ups and a powerful engagement tool!
How To Run A Successful AMA Session On Messenger

Have you ever had one of your fans ask you a burning question? A mystery about you they just needed to unravel?

If you’re familiar with the concept of an ‘ask me anything’ session, you’ll know this is a powerful engagement tool that gives your super fans the chance to ask you anything they’d like.

Try running this Q&A session through your Messenger channel. It’s a perfect incentive for sign-ups! The exclusivity of the content and the private nature of the channel create the ideal set-up to delight your most loyal fans.

We looked at how English punk rock band Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes ran a successful AMA on Messenger to bring you up to speed with best practices.

Step 1: Announce your AMA and drive traffic to Messenger

If you already have a lot of subscribers on Messenger, you probably won’t be able to have a live chat with them to answer all of their questions.

That’s usually not how an AMA is organized, anyway. These sessions often have a speaker that picks a select few questions to answer.

Sometimes, a moderator collects and organizes these questions, and feeds them to the speaker as they come in.

When you’re running an AMA on Messenger, you will want to promote it by asking people to send in their questions, first.

This offers the perfect opportunity to drive traffic to your channel and increase your subscriber count, and is bound to engage your audience.

This is the Facebook post Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes used to promote their AMA:


In this case, people are sent to the main Messenger channel, meaning that your introduction flow should be amended to reflect your running AMA campaign.

Of course, you could also consider creating a separate flow, specific to the AMA session, and sharing a direct link to that flow. In that case, make sure you add a double opt-in to that flow, so users know they are subscribing to general updates, as well.

You can keep it broad, or keep the campaign specific to one topic. For instance, you could tell your audience “Ask us anything about our latest album release!”

This way, you can streamline your AMA with your current marketing campaigns.

Next, collect the questions that come in, and pick the ones that you would like to answer.

Step 2: Broadcast the answers to your audience

To wrap up your successful ‘ask me anything’ campaign, you want to delight your subscribers with your personal answers to their questions.

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes did this by recording their answers in short videos, and broadcasting these to their audience.

Remember, Facebook Messenger allows you to upload a video of up until 25 mb, so be aware of this limitation. Keep your videos short and sweet, especially if you shoot them in high quality.

Here’s what that looked like in Messenger:


Since the band was touring at the time, they shot the selfie videos with their answers inside the car while on the road.

It doesn’t get much more exclusive, direct, intimate and personal than receiving these kind of videos, straight in your Messenger inbox.

These answers were filled with humor, banter, and recorded in an informal, conversational way that perfectly suits Messenger and the nature of direct-to-fan messaging.

This is every true fan’s dream, especially if it’s your question being answered 🤩

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Run a successful AMA to delight and engage your audience directly on Messenger
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