ShopPop vs. ManyChat: Detailed Comparison
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ShopPop vs. ManyChat: Detailed Comparison

Figuring out which chat marketing tool to use for your business can be challenging. We wrote a detailed comparison of ShopPop and ManyChat.
ShopPop vs. ManyChat: Detailed Comparison

ShopPop vs. ManyChat

There are a bunch of tools available out there to help you automate your chat marketing. But figuring out which one is best for your business can be challenging.

Fact remains, there is a lot of value in taking control of your chat messaging and driving sales for your business.

ShopPop and ManyChat are both chat marketing platforms. Businesses use both tools to automate relevant messages on chat apps like Facebook Messenger. However, there are some differences between the two.

ManyChat is a general chat marketing platform. ShopPop focuses on ecommerce businesses and helps merchants send timely and relevant notifications through every step of the customer journey. This helps them reach their audiences directly and drive sales. Using ShopPop, merchants can do the following with chat marketing:

  • Reduce abandoned cart rates and increase sales by sending smart, timely messages that get 5 times more clicks than email.
  • Let people opt in for timely and relevant messages like product drops, brand/sale alerts, back in stock notifications and more.
  • Grow, service, automate and engage your customers on the chat apps they already use.

And much more. ShopPop is the all-in-one chat marketing solution for merchants. See how ManyChat and ShopPop’s features compare below 👇


General, complex bot building or plug-and-play ecommerce platform?

There is a lot to be said for both ShopPop and ManyChat. The biggest difference is probably that ManyChat lets you build complex chatbots for Messenger and offers SMS support.

ShopPop, on the other hand, focuses on ecommerce and offers way better UX. And where SMS might be a valuable communication channel in the US - where it's cheap, and there's only one country code - this doesn't fly in the rest of the world.

Not to mention the fact that SMS, which relies on a personal identifier - phone number - is very prone to fraud.

ManyChat's introduction of SMS, as additional to Messenger, as a chat marketing channel came as a response to policy changes that stopped users from sending unlimited messages through the Messenger platform's API.

While this was a viable option for US users, at ShopPop we decided to focus more on helping ecommerce businesses reach their audiences with timely and relevant alerts.

So we decided to build a native Shopify app that lets Shopify merchants set up plug-and-play chat marketing solutions like abandoned cart recovery, back in stock notifications and more.

Instead of making users build complicated chatbot-style workflows, ShopPop allows merchants to run chat automation tools by installing the Shopify app and toggling on the features they want to use. No coding required, and good to go in a few minutes.

If you're looking to spend a large amount time and resources building complex IF/THEN tree diagrams for a Messenger chatbot that includes SMS and email fallback options, ManyChat is the way to go.

Are you a merchant that prefers a simple solution to sending timely and relevant messages across all steps of the customer journey? Try ShopPop's all-in-one chat marketing platform for ecommerce instead.

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