ShopPop vs. Recart: Detailed Comparison
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ShopPop vs. Recart: Detailed Comparison

Figuring out which chat marketing tool to use for your business can be challenging. We wrote a detailed comparison of ShopPop and Recart.
ShopPop vs. Recart: Detailed Comparison

ShopPop vs. Recart

There are a bunch of tools available out there to help you automate your chat marketing. But figuring out which one is best for your business can be challenging. Fact remains, there is a lot of value in taking control of your chat messaging and driving sales for your business.

ShopPop and Recart are chat marketing platforms for merchants. Ecommerce businesses use both tools to automate relevant messages on chat apps like Facebook Messenger.

However, there are some differences between the two. ShopPop focuses on sending timely and relevant notifications through every step of the customer journey. This helps merchants reach their audiences directly and drive sales. Using ShopPop, merchants can do the following with chat marketing:

  • Reduce abandoned cart rates and increase sales by sending smart, timely messages that get 5 times more clicks than email.
  • Let people opt in for timely and relevant messages like product drops, sale alerts, back in stock notifications and more.
  • Grow, service, automate and engage your customers on the chat apps they already use.

And much more. ShopPop is the all-in-one chat marketing solution for merchants. See how Recart and ShopPop’s features compare below 👇


Revenue-based one-trick pony or usage-based all-in-one platform?

There is a lot to be said for both ShopPop and Recart. The biggest difference is probably the way pricing works.

For Recart you pay a monthly fee based on how much extra revenue is generated through abandoned cart messaging. Basically, the more you sell, the more you pay, starting from $29 per month if you've generated $1000 in extra sales attributed to Recart.

There's also a 'Scale Plan' which starts from $499 per month. This gets you Click-to-Messenger ad support and a dedicated Customer Success manager.

With ShopPop, you get Click-to-Messenger ads and dedicated Customer Success support by default. Pricing is usage-based, so it scales depending on how many people you interact with. You start for free and can chat with to up 50 people, scaling from there.

If you've installed the native Shopify app, the first paid tier is $8 per month for up to 100 conversations, and you can use out-of-the-box abandoned cart recovery, back in stock notifications, and more commerce tools. If you don't run an ecommerce business, the first paid tier is $29 per month for up to 5000 conversations.

All ShopPop tiers include features like a Chat Widget (including WhatsApp support) and Comment-to-Messenger, which lets you automatically respond to comments on your Facebook posts.

Most importantly, ShopPop has a native Inbox where you see all your incoming conversations. You can use this to service your customers and cross-/upsell manually. Additionally, you can easily segment your customers, collect first and third-party data like emails, phone numbers, etc. This is a great asset for when you want to run retargeting campaigns.

All in all, the question is whether you're looking for a one-trick cart recovery pony or an all-in-one chat marketing platform that offers more at a lower price-point.

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