10 Ways To Use Click To Instagram Direct Ads
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10 Ways To Use Click To Instagram Direct Ads

Click to Instagram Direct ads are here. For now, they’re very limited, so success depends on early adoption and your creativity. We list some examples.
10 Ways To Use Click To Instagram Direct Ads

Click to Instagram Direct ads are here. For now, they’re very limited, so success depends on early adoption and your creativity. We list some examples below.

Ads that click to Instagram Direct are here. This is very new stuff - you’re not even able to preview the ads before launch yet and there’s zero automation available. But if you want to start conversations on the world’s preferred social media platform, this ad type is for you.

How to set up a Click to Instagram Direct ad in minutes

Setting up this new ad type is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Log into your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Create an new ad
  • Choose the "Messages" marketing objective
  • Select "Instagram Direct" as the ad destination
Instagram Direct ad destination in Facebook Ads Manager

You can only choose the Instagram news feed and Instagram stories as ad placements for now. Select your ad copy, visuals, budget and targeting. All set? Start running your first Click to Instagram Direct ad.

Why conversational commerce works - especially on Instagram

Remember: 65% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a business they can message. Starting conversations with people gives you control over your audience. It allows you to connect, engage, and guide people towards a conversion.

Some examples of conversion goals:

  • Hand out coupons
  • Collect email addresses
  • Get user-generated reviews

Give people something of value, and use the conversation to upsell or cross-sell your products. But do it in a personalized way, in the informal setting of your Instagram inbox.

Why wouldn’t you strike up a conversation with potential customers and fans?

Click to Instagram Direct ad examples

Here are some examples of what you could do with the new Click to Instagram Direct ads:

1. Tell us why you want to win

Ask people to tell you why they should win a specific prize or giveaway mentioned in your ad. Select a winner from the entries and hand out your prize. But don’t forget to continue the conversation and send the rest a recommended product.

These people are interested in your brand. Your Click to Instagram Direct ad just opened up a direct sales channel. Make the most of it.


2. Say "YES" in return for a discount coupon

This one’s easy. Your ad copy can be as simple as asking for a “YES” in your DMs in exchange for a discount coupon. You can use the opportunity to ask for an email address to send it to. You can recommend some products, or ask people to share the campaign with their friends. Keep the ball rolling by asking for referrals.


3. Tell us your address and we’ll deliver a pizza for €10

Nobody’s going to pass up on a good pizza deal. Just ask for a delivery address in the Instagram conversation, send a payment link for the order, and you’ve just made a sale. Use the opportunity to share a discount code for their next order. Questions? Customers have a direct line of support open in their Instagram app.


4. Share your email address and we’ll send an offer

People don’t like endless contact forms. The bar’s a lot lower with direct messaging. If you want to generate leads for your business, just ask people to share their email address and send over your offer. It only takes them a second. And it feels a lot more personal and human to just have a chat about your business.


5. Leave a review and get a €5 gift card

Authentic, user-generated reviews create the strongest social proof for your business. It’s fine to incentivize people with a small gift card. Just ask them to leave their review in your Instagram inbox. Ask them to share the ad with their friends and see the reviews slide in your DMs on autopilot.


6. Answer three questions to win

Tell people they can win a trip to Barcelona for two. They just need to answer the following questions: When did construction start on La Sagrada Familia? What’s the name of the architect who designed it? And finally: what’s your email address? The possibilities are endless here.


7. Send a message for a meet & greet

Promote your event by organizing a meet & greet with one of the performers. Tell people to send you a DM for a chance to win. Ask for some additional information, and make sure you get them to sign up for your event. You’re sure to sell out your tickets, and it’s a fun chat marketing campaign for everyone involved.


8. Ask me anything

Improve your personal branding and promote your expertise by running an ask me anything. No need to actually organize the thing, just run a Click to Instagram Direct ad and answer questions in your inbox. Ask people if they’re okay with you using the conversations to craft a cool follow-up case study.


9. Request a home viewing tour

Real estate agents sometimes find it difficult to get viewings for their listings. Showcase the house in your Click to Instagram Direct ad, prompt people to request a tour by sending a message, and answer any questions they might have in the Instagram Direct conversation.


10. Say hi and get invited to our event

Scale your event promotion with a Click to Instagram Direct ad, but make it nice and personal by only allowing people who chat with you to get invited. Share the invite link and further info in chat, and answer any follow-up questions. Works for webinars and online events, just as well.


Conclusion: Click to Instagram Direct ads are limited, but personal and powerful

Since there’s no automation available, a lot of the use cases for these new Click to Instagram Direct ads require manual responses. Which means they’re less scalable than other ad types, like Click-to-Messenger ads.

While limiting, it does let you take a much more personalized approach. Which in turn is great for upselling and cross-selling. Luckily, Instagram recently brought Direct Messages to desktop, so you can at least use a keyboard and spare yourself some sore thumbs.

Use Click to Instagram Direct ads to:

  • Connect, engage, and convert
  • Upsell and cross-sell your products
  • Build relationships with your audience
  • Ask them to share your ad for further reach

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to Facebook allowing automation in the Instagram inbox to do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Until then, early adopters will get the most out of Click to Instagram Direct ads by taking advantage of this new conversation starter and coming up with creative ways to engage with their audience.

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