6 Great Examples of Dutch Stores Using Klaviyo & WhatsApp Together
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6 Great Examples of Dutch Stores Using Klaviyo & WhatsApp Together

The most innovative businesses combine their Klaviyo campaigns with channels like WhatsApp. Here are some great examples.
6 Great Examples of Dutch Stores Using Klaviyo & WhatsApp Together

Adoption of email marketing among Shopify stores is widespread. Most modern, well-functioning Shopify businesses use Klaviyo for email marketing. But the most innovative ones combine their ecommerce messaging with other channels, like WhatsApp.

Especially outside the US, messaging apps like WhatsApp are a great way to truly connect with consumers. Besides, open rates and CTRs for messaging apps usually outperform traditional channels like email quite significantly.

The Netherlands has quite a few innovative Shopify stores that are at the forefront of ecommerce messaging strategies. These stores are doing a great job combining Klaviyo workflows with WhatsApp campaigns. Here are 6 examples of stores acing it right now.

1. Filling Pieces

Website: https://www.fillingpieces.com/

Established: 2009

WhatsApp features: Back in Stock, Button to Drawer, Post-purchase widget

Filling Pieces’s mission is to provide the world with the ultimate footwear experience by pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. The collections are all designed in Amsterdam and hand crafted by the finest family-owned footwear ateliers in Portugal.

Filling Pieces’s combination of using both Klaviyo and WhatsApp starts on the homepage already. Customers get a Klaviyo pop-up for joining the newsletter, and can use the Button to Drawer feature to sign up for WhatsApp notifications about new collections.

This way, customers can freely decide how they would like to receive notifications. A nice addition Filling Pieces has made to their email marketing strategy is giving customers the option of which items they are interested in when signing up.

They can choose between: all, men or women. This makes sure the email marketing content they send out is more relevant for the receiver. It makes them less likely to unsubscribe.

You can really sense the customer-centric approach here. Filling Pieces lets the customer decide on which channel they want to receive which type of content, and only sends them marketing materials that are relevant to them.

2. Colourful Rebel

Website: https://www.colourfulrebel.com/

Established: 2013

WhatsApp features: Back in Stock, Button to Drawer

Inspired by the streets of Amsterdam, Colourful Rebel strives to create powerful and distinctive pieces with a modern cut and attention to today's needs, to be worn day and night. They offer a unique range of bold and colourful key pieces and ready-to-wear styles for everyday occasions.

By using the Back in Stock and Button to Drawer widgets, Colourful Rebel is able to send notifications with a high open and conversation rate.

This is a great addition to the email marketing they are already using, because now they can also send shorter updates via WhatsApp. WhatsApp notifications tend to have much higher opening rates, whilst emails have higher chances of ending up in spam inboxes.

At the same time, email open rates are usually easier to scale - most times, people feel more comfortable leaving their email address, than connecting on WhatsApp. This is mostly down to personal preference, however, which is why combining Klaviyo campaigns with WhatsApp workflows is such a powerful strategy. Good job, Colourful Rebel!

3. Burker Watches

Website: https://www.burkerwatches.com/

Established: 2016

WhatsApp features: Back in Stock

Burker Watches is a young, fast-growing watch brand for women. Moving with the times gets a whole new meaning at Burker Watches. Time is of the essence, to them. It's in the heart of their business. Based in the fashionable city of Amsterdam, they passionately design watches that make sure fashion and design are accessible to every woman, now and in the future.

Using Back in Stock notifications is a great way to increase retention, ultimately leading to sales. Customers can easily leave their phone number or email address and be the first to hear about the item they want being in stock again.

When signing up for the notification email using Klaviyo, they also include an option to be added to the mailing list which leads to even more email signups.

Not only is it useful for the customer to receive an update when the item they want is available again, it also provides useful information to the merchants on which items are most popular.

4. Pockies

Webiste: https://nl.pockies.com/

Established: 2015

WhatsApp features: Back in Stock, Pop-up widget (just before Black Friday)

Pockies is an Amsterdam-based fashion and lifestyle brand created to fight for couch culture by aiming to create the most comfortable housefit. What started with underwear with pockets has turned into pyjamas, hoodies, art prints and even footwear.

Pockies offers customers the extra incentive of a 10% discount when signing up for the email newsletter through a Klaviyo pop-up shown on the main page of the website.

Pop-up widgets at the right timing can give customers that final push to take action on the website. They can make the difference between a customer leaving the website or a customer making a purchase.

Right before Black Friday, which is one of the busiest periods for retail companies, Pockies also used a pop-up widget to get more opt-in for their WhatsApp marketing campaigns..

When the customer leaves the website, being able to send them a notification on WhatsApp can give them that little extra push they might need to go back and make a purchase.

By capturing the increased amount of website visits in the run up to Black Friday and being able to retarget them again later, Pockies increased their retention rate and, through that, sales.

5. Black Bananas

Website: https://nl.blackbananas.com/

Established: 2010

WhatsApp features: Back in Stock, Button to Drawer

Black Bananas stands for transforming sports-inspired street style into a global understanding. They focus on men, women and junior lifestyle and create a worldwide connection by combining unexpected detailing with a global and understandable style.

Black Bananas incentivises sign ups to their Klaviyo email newsletter by offering a 10% discount voucher code. You can also select which category you are interested in. This way the customer will receive more valuable emails.

They also offer Back in Stock notifications through WhatsApp. This type of messaging has very high open rates. It’s ideal for customers that might not want to receive all marketing communications, but still stay up-to-date on the items they are interested in.

6. Stieglitz

Website: https://www.stieglitz.nl/

Established: 2014

WhatsApp features: Back in Stock, Button to Drawer

Stieglitz  is a women’s fashion label from Amsterdam founded by Pien Stieglitz. Every Stieglitz collection is inspired by a country, a culture or a tribe. Stieglitz aims to be a brand that empowers women and stimulates them to stand in their own power. A brand that radiates every woman’s uniqueness, individuality and strength.

Stieglitz also offers a 10% discount when new visitors sign up for their email newsletter. Aside from that, there is also a Button to Drawer Widget on their website, allowing website visitors to receive notifications about new collections on WhatsApp.

Stieglitz has also implemented WhatsApp Back in Stock notifications on their website. Now Customers can not only choose how they want to receive product updates, they can also opt in for Back in Stock notifications for specific items.

The biggest benefit of Back in Stock notifications on WhatsApp

The biggest benefit of Back in Stock notifications is that the customer has already expressed interest in purchasing and is much more likely than a new website visitor to take action when the product becomes available again.

The risk with sending out email Back in Stock notifications is emails ending up in a spam or advertisement inbox. They might not be opened at all and if they are after a while, the item might not even be in stock anymore.

If you combine email notifications with notifications on WhatsApp, you have a higher chance of the potential customer seeing the notification and completing the purchase.

What makes for a great use of Klaviyo and Whatsapp together?

The key here is to provide (potential) customers with valuable content and give them the choice of how they want to receive it.

Both Klaviyo and WhatsApp are great tools to use to increase retention, CLTV and ultimately sales. They are, however, even better when you use them together.

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