5 Shopify Stores Making an Impact in the Netherlands (Part 1)
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5 Shopify Stores Making an Impact in the Netherlands (Part 1)

Here's a list of top-notch Shopify stores in the Netherlands. These best-in-class examples will inspire you to build something great yourself.
5 Shopify Stores Making an Impact in the Netherlands (Part 1)

When it comes to building the best Shopify store, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. It’s commonly accepted that good artists borrow, and great artists steal. The same happens to apply to ecommerce stores.

Which is why we’ve decided to do some of the research work for you, and compile a list of top-notch Shopify stores in the Netherlands. These best-in-class examples will surely inspire you to build something magnificent yourself.

We’re making this a recurrent series, so here are the first 5 Shopify stores making an impact in the Netherlands. Ready? Let’s take a look at the businesses totally acing their ecommerce game right now.

1. Patta

Website: https://www.patta.nl/

Established: 2004

Agency: Ask Phill (Shopify Plus migration)

Founded by Dutch hip-hop and nightlife community spearheads, Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt, cult favorite streetwear brand Patta has grown into an international force to be reckoned with.

Top-notch sneaker freak brand Patta has been bringing new excitement to the global streetwear scene since 2004. Their customers expect fast, flexible and fluid digital experiences that are on-brand and equally exciting.

The current Shopify Plus setup definitely delivers, offering Patta fans a one of a kind, limited edition customer experience.

On top of that, Patta is currently in the process of setting up ShopPop's Button to Drawer widget so they can send their fans WhatsApp notifications about new collection drops.

Patta's Shopify store

2. Colourfel Rebel

Website: https://colourfulrebel.com/

Established: 2013

Agency: GoodKarma (Shopify Plus migration)

Colourful Rebel is a Dutch clothing brand that was founded by twin brothers in Amsterdam. It started as a small lifestyle magazine and clothing brand in 2013 that quickly grew into something big. Colourful Rebel wants to inspire their young friends to do whatever they want.

Doing whatever you want, these days, means being able to buy products online in a frictionless way. Shopify enables Colourful Rebel’s audience to do so with a fresh and bold digital storefront designed to capture and convert.

Colourful Rebel's Shopify store

In addition to an excellent Shopify Plus design and smooth customer experience, Colourful Rebel also innovates with WhatsApp marketing: they set up back in stock alerts through the popular messaging app.

These alerts are currently reconverting a whopping 49% of lost orders into purchases.

Colourful Rebel's WhatsApp back in stock notification sign up

3. ETQ Amsterdam

Website: https://www.etq-amsterdam.com/

Established: 2010

Agency: Build in Amsterdam (Branding, design, development)

ETQ Amsterdam produces luxurious interpretations of classic tennis shoes. The Amsterdam-based company was founded in 2010 by Patrick van der Woude and Robin Engelen and is backed by Mollie-founder and serial entrepreneur, Adriaan Mol.

At ETQ, a minimalist mindset prevails. Footwear is designed in Amsterdam and then made by hand in Portugal, with a love for detail and quality, and a focus on sustainable production.

ETQ Amsterdam's Shopify store

Their Shopify build is of an equally high quality and stays true to the brand’s minimalist aesthetic. Keep an eye out for this luxury ecommerce brand, as we’re sure it’s going places.

ETQ is currently sending out automated back in stock notifications on WhatsApp through ShopPop. Check out the following product page and select an out of stock size to see it in action.

Back in stock notification opt in at ETQ Amsterdam

On top of that, they're also using a post-purchase widget on checkout pages to let customers sign up for a WhatsApp notification whenever a new collection drops.

4. Kings of Indigo

Website: https://www.kingsofindigo.com/

Established: 2011

Agency: Wolfpack DCS (Shopify Plus build)

Founded in 2011 by Tony Tonnaer and officially launched in 2012, Kings of Indigo has a clear objective: producing socially and environmentally sustainable clothing, without compromising its quality.

As a pioneer in the sustainable fashion world, Kings of Indigo innovates with materials and production methods, focusing on what they dubbed their Five Pillars of Sustainability:

  • Planet-friendly materials
  • Water use
  • Social responsibility
  • Transport
  • Waste conscious

Some of the KOI goals when it comes to sustainability include:

  • To achieve full transparency through their total supply chain by 2022
  • To become completely carbon positive by 2025
  • To make sure collections are made entirely from recycled and/or man-made fibers by 2025
Kings of Indigo's Shopify store

An ambitious and ethical brand like Kings of Indigo needed a proper Shopify Plus build to create a smooth and frictionless customer experience. Ecommerce agency Wolfpack really delivered, as their current online environment is truly fit for a (sustainable) king.

Kings of Indigo is also running both back in stock notifications and sending new collection alerts through WhatsApp to people that opted in on check out pages.

It seem they're not only pioneers in sustainability, but also when it comes to innovative and customer-centric ecommerce tools.

5. Pockies

Website: https://www.pockies.com/

Established: 2015

Agency: -

What started out as a joke in 2015 - with three Dutch students lamenting the fact their loungewear boxer shorts didn’t have any pockets - quickly grew out to a (relatively surprising) international success story.

From a student room in Groningen, the Netherlands, three friends Rob ten Hoove, Michiel Dicker and Karel Bosman invested in 2000 boxer shorts with pockets and a hacky ecommerce site. Little did they know, their idea caught on, and they sold all 2000 items in 2 weeks.

Pockies' Shopify store

Since then, Pockies has expanded into all sorts of ‘Couch Culture’ loungewear: socks, bathrobes, swimwear, etc. The young business invested in a professional, international Shopify build and a serious brand rehaul.

By now, they can rightfully claim they are, indeed, the biggest ‘Couch Culture’ brand in the world.

This innovative brand is also running several WhatsApp campaigns through ShopPop. Go check out their website for a closer look!

Pockies uses ShopPop to send WhatsApp notifications

Any other Shopify stores we should mention?

We really hope you enjoyed this first edition round-up of Shopify stores making an impact in the Netherlands. If so, stay tuned for the next edition.

Feel free to send in your personal favorites to hello@shoppop.com and we’ll consider including those, too.

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