Best Australian Shopify Agencies To Look Out For In 2021
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Best Australian Shopify Agencies To Look Out For In 2021

If you're an Aussie Shopify merchant looking to make it big in 2021, look no further. We made a list of the best agencies that can help you grow fast.
Best Australian Shopify Agencies To Look Out For In 2021

If you're an Aussie Shopify merchant looking to make it big in 2021, look no further. We made a list of the best Shopify agencies that can help you grow fast.

We asked them to tell you a bit about themselves, show off their favourite case studies, and share their expert predictions on what's next for ecommerce this year.

If you're looking to scale your online business, you're sure to find a suitable agency partner in the list below 👇

Best Australian Shopify Agencies

1. Createur
2. Disco Labs
3. Reload Media
4. Overdose Digital
5. Swanky
6. The Hope Factory
7. Andzen
8. The Cut
9. MindArc Digital
10. acidgreen
11. Process Creative

1. Createur


Createur History

Createur was founded ten years ago with a dedicated focus on mobile-first ecommerce, specialising in the Shopify platform.

After building one of the first 1,000 Shopify stores in existence, Createur has solidified their stratospheric growth alongside Shopify and was one of the very first Shopify Plus partners in Asia-Pacific.

Specialising in elegant, bespoke solutions for fast-growing high-GMV merchants, the Createur team now spans four time zones.

Go-To Skincare

Zoë Foster-Blake’s runaway success story Go-To Skincare was supported by Createur to lead their Shopify Plus migration strategy two years ago, with a strong push into the US market, bolstering their already powerful Australian presence.

Continued YoY revenue growth is powered by engaging storytelling content based on Shogun’s intuitive page builder tools, giving the Go-To marketing team full control over their messaging.

Strategic financial success is backed by Createur’s Merchant Acceleration Program and Business Intelligence tools, giving real-time insights into marketing results, on-page performance and buyer behaviour. Createur’s accessible BI platform helps surface opportunities using powerful data insights, keeping Go-To’s conversion rates well above the industry baseline.

Go-To Skincare x Createur

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

We believe much of the forced change management endured by merchants during the covid-19 pandemic will be permanent. Remote work is the new normal and online sales channels have obviously burgeoned, with some Createur merchants growing as much as 400% since March 2020, with an average growth rate of 200%. While this hypergrowth is likely to flatten out in 2021, it’s still going to be orders of magnitude more accelerated than typical growth rate expectations.

2021 will open up huge opportunities for disruptive businesses looking to capitalise on home delivery, subscription services, sustainable products and everyday purchases that used to occur in retail locations. For regions that have covid-19 mostly under control, we expect a brief renewed interest in retail shopping, with a quick return to the “new normal” of online shopping.

Scaling logistics is the greatest challenge facing online retailers, revealing great potential for future-friendly 3PL services. 3PL has traditionally not kept up well with the integration and automation requirements of online businesses, but a new breed of fulfilment services are ready to fill the void. These new players offer merchants seamless fulfilment options and customers more transparent tracking options.

For Shopify, this manifested partnerships with solutions like Sendle, Facebook and Instagram. The Shop Pay service is an emerging power player in the payments space, offering a 5-6x increase in conversion rates among participating customers. We expect this to become ubiquitous in 2021, with Shopify blasting past 1 million merchants in October 2019. With the addition of billions of Facebook and Instagram users, we expect Shop Pay to close ground with huge players like Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal for ease of use.

Bodog Olah is the founder and CEO of Createur. Find Bodog on LinkedIn.

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2. Disco Labs


The agency

Disco Labs was founded by Gavin Ballard in 2013 after he realised the engineering skills he was applying to his own online store were valuable to others. We write the code to support integrations, workflows, and unique customer experiences for Shopify Plus merchants.

We’re highly specialised - we don’t do front-end design or development, marketing, SEO, strategy, photography or branding. We have a decade long history of working with startups, scale-ups, and large enterprises, releasing numerous open-source projects, and writing courses teaching others how to successfully build sites and applications on Shopify.

Hasbro Pulse

We’re super proud of helping Hasbro launch their first direct-to-consumer site Hasbro Pulse at the 2019 New York Toy Fair.

Playing the Green Ranger to the Red Ranger of We Make Websites, Disco Labs built the back-end systems to support Hasbro's presale and crowdfunding experiences by leveraging our tokenised payment platform Submarine.

Hasbro Pulse x Disco Labs

For presales, we built a custom app that provides a seamless customer experience, the ability to track sales and inventory, and the flexibility to manage shipment dates and grace payment periods required a custom solution. This functionality gives the Hasbro team the ability to spin up new presale campaigns in minutes and update the state of the product landing page instantly.

For crowdfunding, Hasbro saw an opportunity to help even more ambitious projects get funded. Wanting to retain control over the purchasing and payment experience, Disco Labs built a crowdfunding system that could track commitments across multiple channels and maximise the odds of funding success.

Launched on the new Shopify Plus site, the Transformers Unicron campaign raised over $6M, and will represent one of the biggest investments in a collectible toy product in history.

Transformers: War for Cybertron Unicron figure

By building our pre-sale/crowdfunding and payment tokenisation applications with an eye toward high volume events, we’ve been able to rapidly scale capacity to handle events like Comic Con announcements and Black Friday releases.

We continue to work closely with Hasbro, helping them expand to new regions and offer their existing customers new exciting experiences.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

With the release of Shopify’s new Subscriptions API, we (like many others) predict a significant increase in the number of stores offering recurring orders & membership programs.

Customers will still be looking for efficiency and flexibility in the way they manage their subscriptions - from Netflix to coffee beans and everything in between.

We also expect to see more venture capitalists setting their sights on the Shopify ecosystem. In the last six months, we've seen:

  • Headless commerce tool Nacelle raise a $18M Series A
  • Page builder Shogun raise a $35M Series B
  • Email platform Klaviyo raise a $200M Series C
  • Ecommerce holding company WeCommerce list on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

As investors look for more opportunities in the rapidly growing ecommerce space this year, you can expect to see existing Shopify apps continue raising to grow and compete, and the introduction of new well-funded entrants to the market.

Victoria Beal is Business Director at Disco Labs. Find Victoria on LinkedIn.

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3. Reload Media


The agency

Reload Media is a digital marketing agency that specialises in providing customised ecommerce marketing solutions for Australia’s leading brands.

We believe in taking the time to truly understand your business goals and tailoring a digital marketing strategy to suit.

Our team of 70+ experts globally deliver solutions across a wide range of channels and platforms, from SEO to Paid Advertising, Social Media, Programmatic, Content, and everything in between


One of our most recent favourite projects was a Black Friday Cyber Monday campaign for ST.ALi. Their goal? To learn from previous year’s activity and triple their revenue for 2020!

ST. Ali x Reload Media

Our approach came in the form of a 3-tiered approach. First, we completed a historical performance analysis to gain learnings from past BFCM campaigns and business performance throughout 2020.

Alongside this we provided market and product research to determine market share, potential penetrations and audience propensity to purchase - highlighting key product verticals to target.

Finally, we implemented a customised omni-channel strategy across paid and organic to drive new customer acquisition and increase the customer lifetime value of existing customers.

Working with an extremely agile business meant we needed to utilise the Shopify integrations to allow for immediate promotion of the item as soon as our client added this to their site.

ST. Ali x Reload Media

We utilised this across paid advertising, pulling directly through to Facebook ads and Google shopping with strategic bidding based on the warm up activity conducted prior to the BFCM weekend.

As a result of the omnichannel approach for ST.ALi, the campaign achieved a 204% increase in revenue YoY as well as a 22% decrease in cost per sale from Facebook Ads. In addition to this, the longer sale period and 'warm up' approach saw users spending more per transaction with the average order value doubling from the previous year.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

The disruption brought about by covid-19 has not necessarily created new trends, but accelerated those already underway at a pace not seen before. Our best estimates — somewhere in the vicinity of a five-year acceleration in existing trends across a range of shopping behaviours.

We recently published our 2021 Retail Playbook, discussing in detail our predictions for the ‘new normal’ and how brands can prepare for 2021 and beyond.

Covid-19 saw the biggest single shift in consumer behaviour ever in retail and the impact for those brands who have traditionally underinvested in digital was definitely felt in 2020.

Moving into 2021, it’s important that brands understand the importance of how digital and traditional can support this new consumer. With over 1 million new Australian households now shopping online, brands need to ensure they are prioritising investment in digital infrastructure to support customer journeys.

Alexandra Gannon is General Manager at Reload Media. Find Alexandra on LinkedIn.

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4. Overdose Digital


The agency

At Overdose, we saw successful organisations struggling to grow their digital channels and repeatedly engaging agencies selling pre-packaged solutions without considering business goals.

We envisaged a global end-to-end Digital Commerce agency, with enterprise capability, underpinned with startup hustle - working in accountable partnerships, focused on delivering accelerated, tangible outcomes through bespoke strategies and deep empathy. We call this anti-agency.

In its 4 years since incorporation, Overdose has grown out to a family of 200+ commerce professionals, with industry defining capability across Strategy, Design, Technology, Marketing, Search & Insights. We now have offices & clients in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, America, Germany and Ukraine.

We don't sell solutions - we produce business outcomes.

Jenny Craig

This project involved launching the iconic weight loss brand Jenny Craig into Australia and New Zealand, replicating a traditionally hands-on consultant-based sales process on the Shopify Platform, integrated with Hubspot and BeCool 3PL.

Jenny Craig operates a complex membership-based program with over 50 custom nutritionist-planned menus available at any time. Overdose partnered with Jenny Craig to design and execute a custom Shopify ordering platform that guides customers on their weight loss journey.

Jenny Craig x Overdose

The project included a customer service integration with Hubspot to ensure consultants can still provide the personalised service that Jenny Craig is known for.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

Omnichannel is becoming a must have to tie the online and in store customer experience together. Features such as in-store lookup, click & collect and omnichannel loyalty are fast becoming necessities rather than nice-to-have.

Businesses who can find the magic mix of online and offline experiences will be the ones that thrive. Fortunately the tools and expertise exists to do this much easier than was possible a couple of years ago, creating lots of opportunities for innovation.

Headless will evolve from its buzzword status and start to find some maturity and fit in the ecosystem. This doesn't mean every business is going to go down the headless path.

In many businesses, they will do the complete opposite and double down on speed to market, agility and use out-of-the-box functionality such as that provided by Shopify. This will allows them to invest in marketing & product while reducing their infrastructure costs.

Laura Jackson is Managing Director at Overdose Digital. Find Laura on LinkedIn.

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5. Swanky


The agency

Swanky is a world-leading Shopify Plus agency with offices in the UK and Australia.

Our team of seasoned experts are passionate about creating beautiful and commercially-optimised stores for ambitious brands, then growing them at pace through full-funnel management and optimisation.

We provide a range of services including migrations, web design, development, conversion rate optimisation and marketing. These services drive transformative growth at velocity, bringing our clients to the forefront of their industries.

Throughout our journey, we’ve helped countless brands to transform their online presence, delivering exceptional digital solutions to clients across a range of verticals.

In 2016, we were one of the first three agencies in Europe to be awarded the ‘Shopify Plus Expert’ accreditation, recognising our commitment to providing stunning, scalable ecommerce stores that drive conversions.

Medley Jewellery

My favourite project of 2020 was the build of Medley Jewellery, a subsidiary of Michael Hill Jewellers. Michael Hill is Australia’s largest jewellery chain, who - with the onset of covid-19 - wanted to diversify their offering and reach a whole new demographic.

Medley Jewellery x Swanky

From start to finish the project took less than 6 weeks, and at launch we had a fantastic looking site, with custom functionality.

While a build containing this level of customisation in such a limited timeframe comes with unique challenges, it has been exceptionally rewarding watching Medley's month-on-month growth and having the opportunity to continue working strategically with the brand as it continues to grow.

Goondiwindi Cotton

Another one of my favourite 2020 projects was stepping in as the e-commerce manager for Goondiwindi Cotton via our e-comm-as-a-service offering.

Goondiwindi Cotton are an established Australian clothing wholesaler based in Goondiwindi who's wholesale business dried up when covid-19 hit and their stockists were forced to shut down.

Pre-covid, they used their online store purely for end-of-season clearance and their online client base were established discount shoppers.

With their stockists shut, our challenge was to sell their Autumn/Winter Collection direct to consumers online for the first time. With a business unfamiliar with selling online at scale, I took on the role of mentoring their internal team and have been able to share my knowledge and processes while watching their confidence and skill grow.

Goondiwindi Cotton x Swanky

We leveraged our paid marketing teams to allow Goondiwindi Cotton to reach a whole new audience. We tracked profitability down to the last dollar and leveraged this information to ensure that the limited funds that we had were offering their strongest return. I am proud to say that in their most profitable month-to-date we returned $70k NET profit for the business.

In 2021, Goondiwindi Cotton moves forward having accessed and developed a direct relationship with their consumers. They are seeing more online sales, more wholesale stockist enquiries and they are selling to consumers and stockists who would never have considered them 12 months ago.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

As covid-19 continues to spread throughout the world, and locally in Australia we experience short but comprehensive lockdowns, more businesses will move online to avoid the uncertainty and high overheads associated with brick and mortar retail. As more people adopt online selling, the ability to ‘stand out from the crowd’ will become even more important.

In addition to a space with many new players,  2021 will be the year in which iOS14 rolls out. Cue, confusion and frustration from marketers, business owners and consumers alike!

iOS14 updates will affect your ads

However, with all change comes opportunity, and with the roll-out of iOS14 there is an enormous opportunity for forward thinking business to employ a new way to build relationships, trust and advocacy from customers.

I predict ecommerce businesses who introduce or grow their customer databases (by growing large and engaged email marketing lists, by creating loyalty and reward programs) will be the ones who thrive moving forward.

In a world where retargeting users becomes more difficult, brand awareness becomes all the more important. Businesses and marketers will need to make brands memorable, relatable and QUICKLY build rapport.

Building brand loyalty and brand communities

One of the fundamental ways we see businesses building more rapport, more quickly is through making things personal. Video concierge shopping experiences, more live video in general, more engaged chat and customer service teams working to make digital and remote still a "face to face" experience.

Some brands we predict will take things a step further, working to build community not "with" their customers but between them. Connecting socially (and physically) isolated customers and creating an audience of advocates and ultimately, friends of the brand.

Removing barriers to purchase (answering all customer questions and solving problems prior to them reaching the checkout) will become paramount. For those consumers who don’t purchase on the first visit, ensuring that their details are captured via an alternate means (email subscription or social media follow) will become all the more important.

Last but not least, ensuring that users can easily find you again is super important. With easy to remember social handles, a common sense URL and a strong organic and paid search presence for relevant searches becoming a necessity - I predict 2021 may even see the return of the jingle to help with brand name retention!

Kate Phillips is the Ecommerce Manager for Swanky Australia. Find Kate on LinkedIn.

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6. The Hope Factory


The agency

After 12 years of designing, developing and migrating hundreds of online stores, we’ve refined a process to solve every challenge merchants will face along the way.

We’ve been super privileged to work with over 320 stores including fantastic brands like Sennheiser, Jo Mercer, Papinelle, Patagonia, and many more, and we’re incredibly humbled (as one of a handful of agencies) to have been chosen to become Shopify Plus partners.

If you’re looking for a fast, cheap and impersonal kind of experience then we’re probably not for you. If you’re in this to build something incredible that you’ll be proud of – the kind of business you know you’ve got in you – we’d love to meet you.

W. Titley & Co

One of our favourite projects was working with Titleys, a name that has served country shoppers with long-lasting western wear for four generations. As a business that’s constantly evolving, the replatform from Magento to Shopify better suited the business’ need for increased functionality.

W. Titley & Co x The Hope Factory

We worked with Titleys to redesign their store and grow online by delivering a seamless and intuitive shopping experience. We improved the site navigation so customers can easily find products, highlighted key messages, and suggested improvements across the site to help buyers with their purchase decision.

These strategic optimisations led to some really great results as returning customers increased by 177% and online orders by 108%. Read the case study here.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

The accelerated growth in ecommerce over 2020 is expected to continue well into 2021 and beyond. With more first-time online shoppers, omnichannel retailing will become the norm. Customers will expect to receive a consistent and seamless shopping experience across channels and devices.

Stores that offer a range of purchase options, for instance, will be at an advantage—buy in-store and get home delivery, buy online and pick up in-store or buy online and get home delivery.

AI will become less artificial and brands that are quick to leverage AI tools to improve customer experience, streamline marketing and perform critical tasks will grow at a much faster rate.

More ecommerce retailers will look for innovative ways to mimic the perks of shopping offline onto the online customer journey. Numerous tools in the Shopify App Store integrate AI capabilities to help with tasks from automating product recommendations to AI-powered marketing activities.

Andrew Cox is the founder of The Hope Factory. Find Andrew on LinkedIn.

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7. Andzen


The agency

Andzen is a global leading Customer Journey Agency with our HQ in Brisbane, Australia — and overseas offices in the USA and the Philippines. We’re an ecommerce agency specialising in lifecycle marketing across all of your store’s direct marketing channels.

Best known for our end-to-end email marketing and marketing automation services — we create beautifully-designed, highly-personalised, conversion-focused touchpoints for each stage of your customer journey.

From capturing and nurturing potential customers to abandoned cart flows, post purchase follow-ups, and loyalty programs — we turn your site traffic and advertising dollars into real conversions, repeat orders, and lifetime customers.

With an expert team of strategists, creatives, and technical specialists, we partner with high-growth Shopify stores to help you truly stand out in competitive markets and drive more revenue.

Little Party Dress

The Andzen team have kicked some serious goals for our clients in recent months and are honoured to be working with iconic brands such as ChapStick®, Muscle Nation, and Nicorette®.

Another client we’ve achieved fantastic results for is Little Party Dress — a fun-loving Australian online boutique. We recently drove some incredible returns using SMS for their Black Friday promotion.

Little Party Dress x Andzen

During one week we collected 4,405 mobile numbers and generated conversion rates as high as 67.1% (the conversion rate benchmark set by PostScript is 1.5%). You can read more about how we did it in our Little Party Dress case study.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

As 2021 progresses we predict personalisation will be king of the ecommerce world. That means every brand needs to create hyper-relevant, one-to-one, end-to-end shopping experiences for their site visitors.

Gone are the days of generic site pop-ups, email blasts to your whole database, or one-size-fits-all marketing automations. Every customer is a unique individual — and now they’re demanding to be treated as such.

With the ecommerce world booming and more brands popping up every day, there is one sure path to winning more business in 2021— using dynamic tools to put relevant content and products in front of customers based on their preferences and past behaviours.

Simon Byrne is Head of Client Strategy at Andzen. Find Simon on LinkedIn.

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8. The Cut


The agency

G’day. I’m Ben, Founding Director at The Cut. My partner Scott Sanders and I started in 2009 and chose Shopify in 2010. In 2017 we became expert partners, and then WA’s only Shopify Plus Partner agency. Now, Shopify is 80+% of everything we do.

As specialists, we (used to) run Perth’s Shopify Meetups, hold events, host workshops and produce a podcast - The Shopify Dropify.

Brand for Ecommerce
We specialise in site design and builds, with a focus on using brand and communication to maximise customer engagement and conversion. We help businesses startup on Shopify, move to Shopify and improve existing stores. We help them understand the options, achieve technical and operational objectives, implement integrations and develop custom solutions.

We love the idea of ‘Ecommerce Ecommunity’, because it’s the people in ecomm that make it awesome. The guys at Shopify, our agency peers, app devs and of course the courageous ecomm entrepreneurs we work with. There’s nothing better than helping WA businesses become bigger ecommerce success stories.

High Tea With Harriet & Engage Industries

Our two favourite projects are opposites. A small, starting up brand selling tea to women, and a fast growth, high energy brand selling MMA fight gear to combat athletes and fans.

For High Tea With Harriet, we applied brand and design enhancements to achieve immediate growth in customer engagement and sales. Getting the language, imagery and customer journey right for their market had a huge positive effect, that is ongoing.

High Tea With Harriet x The Cut

For Engage Industries, we helped them prepare for Shopify Plus. The focus was site design for customer experiences on Mobile. Engage are launching expansion stores to hit New Zealand and establish themselves in America.

Both businesses have owners who are ecom-focussed, motivated and want to listen, learn and win advantages from the experience and skills we offer.

Engage Industries x The Cut

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

Our predictions for 2021 are for further growth in ecommerce. How much growth may depend on covid-19, but the trends established in 2020 will continue.

Store design and customer journey on mobile will continue to be a focus, as will integrated experiences between physical stores and digital.

What will continue to define the fastest growing success stories will stay the same - the ability to understand customers and create online experiences that speak to them and engage with them to create relationships between the human and the online brand.

Ben de Jonge is Founding Director of The Cut Creative. Find Ben on LinkedIn.

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9. MindArc Digital


The agency

MindArc is an organically grown and privately owned Australian company specialising in digital retail technology. MindArc was founded in 2010 by Matthew Craig and Sean Pieres with a mission to create beautiful and innovative eCommerce solutions.

David Mulgrew is also a founding partner of MindArc and operates MindArc Telecommunications - a leading telecommunications infrastructure provider in Australia.

Together we are working towards a vision of delivering a sophisticated end-to-end solution for Digital Commerce that enables businesses to succeed in a market where technology and customer expectations are quickly evolving.

Bundaberg Rum

We have been fortunate to have worked with some great brands and recently had the pleasure of helping Bundaberg Rum – an iconic Australian beverage brand – improve their search engine visibility.

The Bundaberg Rum site was in the process of being upgraded and migrated to a new platform. Whilst this was happening, they asked us to identify any quick wins for their current site that we could implement from a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) perspective.

Bundaberg Rum x MindArc

This was also important for them as it was around the time the covid-19 lockdown period in Australia was impacting physical retail and the brand knew that their audience would be looking for their products online more than before.

As we worked together with their team, we achieved some great organic search performance improvements month-on-month and the results for the Bundaberg Rum site were better than expected with the conversion rate doubling and a 114% increase in organic revenue.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

Capturing your customers effectively on search engines and other digital channels is more important than ever before!

The urgency created by the 2020 global pandemic to enable commerce and retail over digital channels has started a snowball effect that has propelled the ecommerce industry forward.

In 2021 we expect this will continue, albeit maybe not as rapid as last year, but there will be more and more brands making the move to focus more on digital commerce.

It's an exciting time for retail and we expect to see brands continue to shift their strategy and budgets towards bolstering their digital presence more and more as consumers get used to this new way of life.

Matthew Craig is co-founder and Director of MindArc Digital. Find Matthew on Linkedin.

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10. acidgreen


The agency

Founded in 2000, acidgreen has grown over the years into a leading digital commerce agency who are proud to have delivered countless award-winning solutions to the world's leading retailers and brands such as Guess, Olympus, Woolworths, Universal Music and hundreds more.

acidgreen is one of the most experienced and largest Shopify agencies in Australia with 70 staff in APAC and over 300 globally as part of the Datasolution group.

The acidgreen approach to digital commerce excellence has afforded them long standing client relationships with Australia's biggest retailers and they have earned a strong reputation as the approachable, likeable, honest, and ethical agency of choice.


CAMILLA was spending a lot of money maintaining Magento and the company was replatforming their ERP (Netsuite) and POS (Lightspeed). The existing e-commerce site was low on engaging features, slow to load, and hard to maintain content. Advertising expenditure was high. The team were looking for a way to quickly deploy and test different content with the goal of continually improve the customer experience, revenue and conversion rates.

acidgreen rapidly created a new Shopify Plus site and migrated customers, products and content within 12 weeks. The site is integrated with ERP, customer service, and marketing applications. acidgreen implemented a search engine optimisation strategy aimed at reducing advertising spend and increasing revenue.
CAMILLA now spend significantly less on website and integrations maintenance.

CAMILLA x acidgreen

They can create international stores, or additional stores (eg. warehouse sale), integrated with ERP, within 10 days - a task once inconceivable. They can now focus on creating fun and engaging content and experimenting with conversion optimisation techniques. This has a lead to a dramatic increase in conversion rate and revenue.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

In a word: omni-channel. With omni-channel, retail brands utilise multiple marketing channels to create a single user experience and sell their products both offline and online.

Retailers need to consolidate data from across channels and systems into an integrated customer profile. Retailers need to show their products wherever consumers are spending their time. When retailers own all these channels, it enables cashflow 24/7 from multiple different sources and devices. A cohesive omni-channel strategy enables you to deliver the experiences customers want, leading to stronger brand loyalty, higher retention rates and lower churn rates.

To achieve omni-channel success you need to partner with an experienced digital agency to help you setup and integrate your systems e.g. Order Management System (OMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Information Management (PIM) with your commerce platform (e.g. Shopify Plus) and the best suite of marketing and analytics tools to provide automated personalised experiences across every channel.

Mike Larcher is Founder & CEO of acidgreen, Outsourced, and Academ. Find Mike on LinkedIn.

11. Process Creative


The agency

Process Creative was founded by Andy and Susanna Homan in 2006 and are now one of Australia’s largest and most successful dedicated Shopify Plus agencies.

We’re proud Shopify Plus partners and all our sites are custom-built and strategy/brand-led, based on years of experience working exclusively in the ecommerce space.

Ecommerce shouldn’t be boring and that’s why we’re all about delivering Commerce that Connects.

We're leading the revolution against conveyor belt, commoditised and cookie-cutter commerce. We help brands better communicate their "why" and brand narrative whilst delivering a truly memorable, unique experience that fosters genuine engagement, loyalty and conversions.

Frank Green

We recently redesigned and built Frank Green’s local and international online stores. We refocused the messaging and positioning around Frank Green’s sustainability credentials.

The previous site was difficult to navigate and wasn’t particularly well optimised for modern devices. It had also become difficult for the Frank Green team to update the site as much of the content had been hard-coded.

Frank Green x Process Creative

We delivered a highly editable and configurable site that better showcases the products and their unique benefits. The new site now loads faster even though it has more content and larger images. Importantly, the site is now much easier to navigate, looks stunning on all devices and makes purchasing products a breeze.

One of the key features is an advanced product configurator that allows customers to effortlessly mix and match colours and components. We’re able to maximise average order value by offering personalisation options and bundled upsells. This is all achieved using native Shopify functionality without the need for apps or add-ons.

Predictions for ecommerce in 2021

Platforms like Shopify have done a tremendous job of lowering the barrier to ecommerce — it’s never been easier to sell products online! But with so many businesses now competing in an increasingly crowded market, it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd.

Cookie-cutter, template-based sites just aren’t getting traction or converting anymore.

More than ever in 2021 brands need to differentiate. Their strategy and positioning needs to be laser-focused. It’s critical that they’re delivering an engaging and memorable experience that allows customers to feel excited about their purchase.

Leading online brands will be investing heavily into personalisation to provide even more unique experiences. We’ll begin to see messaging and promotions as well as product merchandising that is tailored to an individual customer's preferences, location or past browsing/purchasing behaviour.

Delivering a more bespoke, personalised one-to-one experience is going to be key to driving sustained life time engagement and loyalty. It’s an incredibly exciting time for ecommerce!

Andy Homan is founder and Creative Director at Process Creative. Find Andy on LinkedIn.

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