Best Shopify Stores in the UK (Part 1)
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Best Shopify Stores in the UK (Part 1)

We were curious about the Shopify store landscape in the United Kingdom, so we did some research and listed some of the best ones we found. These best-in-class examples will inspire you to build something great yourself.
Best Shopify Stores in the UK (Part 1)

Their loaded breakfast, tea, the royal family, literature and the Beatles. Some of the things the UK is famous for. But they’re also performing well in a different - slightly less known - category: Shopify stores.

We were on a mission to find some of the best Shopify stores in the UK and compiled the following list with 10 amazing stores. This is part 1 in a series.

The list isn’t ranked, and we’re sure there are many more great Shopify stores out there, but hopefully you’ll be inspired by how these stores did it.

1. Montane


Established: 1993

Montane was founded in 1993, the passion project of Chriss Roff and Jake Doxat who met on a three month expedition to Chile. As avid explorers, they knew there was a gap in the market for innovative, reliable outdoor clothing and equipment.

We love the visual elements on their Shopify store. For a moment, it feels as if you’re right there, exploring the mountains with them. Not only do they offer high-quality products, they also provide customers with extensive information. Ensuring they have all the tools for their adventures.

2. Billionaire Boys Club


Established: 2003

Billionaire Boys Club, founded by Pharrell Williams, is a globally recognized clothing and accessories brand whose blend of streetwear and luxury has influenced countless pockets of fashion, music, design, and culture. Billionaire Boys Club has morphed to continually lead and define fashion while maintaining their distinct individuality and identity.

The Billionaire Boys Club Shopify store takes you on a journey through their vision. With video content and loads of visuals filling up their website, it almost seems as if you’re visiting an online museum that happens to sell merchandise.

3. Roland Mouret


Established: 1998

Roland Mouret established his brand in 1998 having attended fashion school in Paris and working as a model, stylist and artistic director. The label shot to fame in 2005 thanks to its now iconic Galaxy dress. It is also recognised for its use of origami-inspired folds, precise cuts and an intuitive understanding of the female form.

Roland Mouret’s minimalistic Shopify store perfectly sets the stage for their classic designs. The menu allows for easy navigating on the website, making every item easy to find. And the high quality images are completely in line with the brand’s look and feel.

4. French Connection


Established: 1972

Founded in 1972, and renowned for its design-led fashion pieces and contemporary homeware, French Connection has grown into one of the most iconic brands on the planet. And has deservedly become a favorite amongst celebrities and royalty alike, including Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

What stands out on the French Connection Shopify store is the focus on visuals, with barely any plain backgrounds. The header menu makes everything very easy to find and the carousel above the fold is a nice dynamic way to showcase the various categories.

5. JustWears


Established: 2017

What started as a simple idea in a hostel in Bangkok, Thailand, JustWears took off on Kickstarter and had thousands of customers pre-ordering their environmentally friendly underwear products. The brand rapidly climbed in popularity to become the most backed apparel project in the UK.

JustWears became famous with their unique approach when it comes to marketing and growing their company. This approach directly translates to their Shopify store. Their offering is quite limited, but with enough information provided on the underwear they’re selling.

The customer reviews, positioned prominently on the website, are a very nice way to show potential customers what others thought of their orders.

6. AAB Collection


Established: 2007

Founded in 2007, AAB Collection has become the go-to brand for premium modest wear. Taking the fashion industry by storm, the AAB’s beautiful products have appeared in the likes of Vogue, The Independent and British Muslim Magazine.

What stands out about the Shopify store of AAB Collection is the content they create for their target audience. Their products are photographed beautifully and easy to find using the menu, but their blog is what sets them apart. They help women in every step of their modest journey and actively participate in community charities.



Established: 2003

Founded in 2003, has since grown into one of the leading online nightwear retailers in the UK, selling on various channels worldwide to over 150,000 customers, annually.

With their clearly defined product offering, matches their offering perfectly to their target audience’s needs. Not only can you find products based on gender or age, it’s also super easy to find items matching your favorite movie or character.

8. Ralph and Russo


Established: 2010

Founded in London in 2010 by duo Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, Ralph & Russo is an international luxury brand revered for producing designs that are contemporary, timelessly elegant and sought after worldwide.

The high quality visuals on the Ralph and Russo website perfectly portray the look and feel of the brand. Aside from showcasing their products, they also go more into detail about the process behind creating the pieces and the story they tell alongside beautiful editorials.

9. Victoria Beckham Beauty


Established: 2019

Victoria Beckham Beauty is a luxury beauty brand with a difference. Co-founded by Victoria Beckham and Sarah Creal, the clean beauty, digitally native brand positively embraces a startup mentality and sees innovation and speed as central to their approach.

What stood out about the Victoria Beckham Beauty Shopify store is the in-depth reviews which can be found prominently on their website. This, alongside the product pictures and videos on different skintones, helps customers find products that they’ll be happy with.

10. Gymshark


Established: 2012

Gymshark is a phenomenal direct to consumer (D2C) brand growth story, from startup to £280m+ annual revenues in 6 short years, the activewear brand has developed a fanatical fan base, engaged through social media stars, innovative products and amazing customer service.

Gymshark’s Shopify store is focussed on much more than just the merchandise they sell. What we love about it is their extensive blog, featuring the story behind the brand, workout guides, meal tips and much more.

This, combined with the extremely high quality visuals, makes Gymshark’s Shopify store one we definitely couldn’t miss on this list.

Any other UK Shopify stores worth mentioning?

These 10 Shopify stores really stood out to us, but we’re sure there are more great ones out there.

Hopefully you enjoyed this first round-up of the best UK Shopify stores and feel free to submit your favorites to for them to be featured in our next round-up.

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