Case Study: C.Y.O.A. Media x I AM POP
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Case Study: C.Y.O.A. Media x I AM POP

In our Case Study series, we chat to the people who regularly use our tool, and see how they feel about it. This time round, we spoke to Olivia Wellings from C.Y.O.A. Media.
Case Study: C.Y.O.A. Media x I AM POP

I AM POP provides artists and their marketers with an easy-to-use tool that simplifies direct-to-fan messaging and allows you to reach fans directly.

In our Case Study series, we chat to the people who regularly use our tool, and see how they feel about it. This time round, we spoke to Olivia Wellings from C.Y.O.A. Media about their You Me At Six campaign.

Can you tell us who you are and what your role in music marketing is?

Olivia Wellings, a Junior Account Manager at C.Y.O.A. Media, working with Kobalt on launch and strategy.

C.Y.O.A. is a boutique social media and design agency providing full, bespoke digital strategy and online management for clients in both music and fashion. We are lucky to work with a diverse group of artists and manage many exciting global campaigns, with a proven success in delivering results and achieving the objectives of our clients.

Why did you start experimenting with direct-to-fan messaging? How does it fit in with your marketing strategy?

We want to be able to communicate directly with our dedicated fanbase. This is a great way to share important information with the core fans, such as new track releases, or tour announcements. As those signed up to our Messenger channel are more likely to be some of the most dedicated fans, it also gives us a great opportunity to be playful and create fun fanbase specific content to engage the core fans.

With which artist have you been using I AM POP's tool?

You Me At Six.

What are the stats and how is it going so far?

We have a current fanbase of 3.7k, and it’s growing at around 10% per month. The open rate of our messages is at 98%. Consistently, our messages are being shared to other platforms, primarily Twitter, where fans have been engaging in wider discussion amongst themselves, as well as encouraging their friends and other fellow fans to join the Messenger channel.

We are currently keeping our Messenger channel content largely separate from our feed posts, and using it to supplement our social strategy.

Our You Me At Six messenger tour promotion saw a 98% open rate and led to a 21% increase in followers.

What has been your favorite flow you’ve sent out so far?

My personal favorite was my tour teaser game, which aimed to tease fans about the upcoming Take Off Your Colours 10th anniversary tour.

As our fans on Messenger tend to be more hardcore, it gave us the perfect opportunity to tease them using old content from the band, as well as niche lyrics and facts. This gave the fans a real sense of accomplishment, as well as a nice little reward/acknowledgement of their long standing support.

We used several pathways in the game, using video, text and audio files to get the fans thinking more about the Take Off Your Colours era, priming them to be as excited as possible for the tour announcement.

There were 3 rounds, where correct answers continued the user in the game, and incorrect answers flipped them back to the start of each round.

This game led to +526 (21.4%) fans on the Messenger channel, as well as generating lots of chatter about the channel outside of the platform — especially on Twitter.

You Me At Six on Messenger

To you, what makes direct-to-fan messaging different from other communication channels like social and e-mail?

It’s a very direct way to engage with the most dedicated members of our fanbase, with almost guaranteed visibility.

What can you advise other people that want to explore conversational storytelling?

Make sure you keep your fanbase at the core of your strategy. Fans will switch off their subscription if you annoy them, and the open rate will fall. The most important thing I have found to our success on Messenger has been keeping the content we share exciting, innovative and highly focused to what our fanbase actually would want to see!

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