Case Study: Turno x Comment-to-Messenger
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Case Study: Turno x Comment-to-Messenger

We’ll show you how UK drum & bass artist Turno handed out a free, exclusive bootleg to his fans, using our Comment-to-Messenger growth tool.
Case Study: Turno x Comment-to-Messenger

Table of Contents

1. Pick a valuable piece of exclusive content
2. What the Comment-to-Messenger growth tool does
3. How this boosted Turno's Facebook post reach
4. Collect data like email addresses and phone numbers
5. Conclusion and statistics

People love free stuff. We know we do! If you’re an artist, build rapport with your fanbase by delighting them with a free giveaway every so often.

Today, we’ll show you how UK drum & bass artist Turno handed out a free, exclusive bootleg to his fans, using our Comment-to-Messenger growth tool.

As much as people love receiving free stuff from their favourite artists, these artists love engagement on social media. There are quite a few tips and tricks to increase engagement on your posts.

We’re all painfully aware of the more uninspired examples of engagement bait out there, of course.

Posting a picture asking people to comment what they had for dinner or what their favourite animal is simply won’t cut it these days.


Be aware of this when writing the copy for your Facebook post - keep your target audience in mind, and keep posting content that is authentic and inspiring!

Promising a free giveaway to anyone who comments on your post, however, now that’ll make your fans leave a comment, for sure!

Turno started off his Facebook Comment-to-Messenger campaign by doing just that.

Faithless - Insomnia (Turno Bootleg)

Who wants my Insomnia bootleg for FREE then?! 🎉Comment below & I'll send it straight to your inbox... 😈

Posted by Turno on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

He made a drum & bass bootleg of the infamous Insomnia track by British electronica band Faithless and posted a video on his Facebook page of him playing that unreleased bootleg song at a music festival.  

Which brings us to the first step of setting up a successful Comment-to-Messenger campaign:

1. Pick a valuable piece of exclusive content

In Turno’s case, promising an exclusive, unreleased bootleg is a great incentive for people to engage with the post. More than that, it creates value for his Facebook fans to leave a comment.

Here’s what the Facebook post looked like:


Remember, according to Gregory Ciotti, the word ‘free’ is one of the five most persuasive words in the English language.

2. What the Comment-to-Messenger growth tool does

Setting up a Comment-to-Messenger rule on a Facebook post allows you to automatically send a direct message to anyone who comments beneath it.

You can set up the rule so it is triggered by specific keywords in a comment, or by any comment in general. In Turno’s case, anyone commenting on the Facebook post would receive the following message in response:

“Please reply to get this started”


As you can see, the response message was sent to commenters without a delay, regardless of what they commented. It’s up to you to come up with a creative way to use keywords that your Messenger bot responds to.

Things like trivia questions, or a ‘fill in the blank’ type of post are a great way to get the conversation started!

Next step! Until people reply to your initial response message, their data won’t be shared with you:


Make sure that your response message prompts people to reply to it, as in Turno’s “Please reply to get this started!”

When people send a reply message, you can set your Comment-to-Messenger rule up to do one of three things:


Turno chose to send a flow to everyone that replied in Messenger. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at:

3. How this boosted Turno's Facebook post reach

If you play it right, your post will see a lot of engagement, with many people commenting and sharing as a result of the incentive you offered them.

And engagement means Facebook’s algorithms will be picking up the pace in increasing your Facebook post’s reach.

Not if your Messenger bot responds automatically!

Note: if you want to optimize your Facebook post’s performance, make sure to do some research in the best times to post.

Of course, bigger reach means more engagement, comments and shares from Facebook users. And so on and so forth. All in all, this is a great opportunity to go viral with a simple Facebook post!

Basically, Comment-to-Messenger campaigns like these can work like free Facebook ads. If you play it right, of course.

What’s more, while you’re rocking these Facebook engagement posts, you could also simultaneously:

4. Collect data like email addresses and phone numbers

As we said before, people like free stuff. Offer something that is of value to your audience, and they won’t be unsympathetic when you ask them for something in return.

Like email addresses, phone numbers or other user data that you can use to contact them across different channels. This is what Turno did in his Comment-to-Messenger campaign.

Here’s what the response in Messenger looked like for people who commented on the Facebook post:


With just a single Messenger Marketing campaign, set up in 5 minutes, the marketing team behind Turno was able to collect 1.5k email addresses and 1.6k phone numbers.

What’s more: these email addresses are mostly the ones connected to fans’ Facebook accounts.

These email addresses provide perfect matches for setting up Facebook Lookalike Audiences, which you can use to set up a Click-to-Messenger ad, for instance.

This allows you to target potential new fans, based on the characteristics of your current audience. Basically, it’s the perfect growth tool!

5. Conclusion and statistics

The Turno campaign is a perfect example of how you can use our Comment-to-Messenger growth tool to boost engagement on your Facebook posts, incentivize new sign ups to your Messenger channel, and gather valuable user data in the process.

All while amazing your audience with valuable content delivered to them in a personal, conversational way.

To give you an indication of how successful this can be, here are some statistics on the engagement Turno’s Facebook post experienced.


Bear in mind that Turno has around 27k likes on his Facebook page, currently. That means this post reached nearly 94% of those people - unrivalled statistics in today’s News Feed game. All without having to tap into your ad spend.

To summarize, this Comment-to-Messenger campaign ended with:

  • 539 reactions
  • 25,193 people reached
  • 7,245 engagements
  • 1.5k email addresses collected
  • 1.6k phone numbers collected
  • 2972 subscribers on Messenger

It's worth noting that not all of these subscribers came from the Facebook post. The team behind Turno's campaign also shared a direct link to the Messenger flow on Twitter, Soundcloud, and directed traffic to it from a swipe up link on Instagram.

Regardless, when was the last time you have seen engagement like this on any of your social media marketing campaigns? If you work in music marketing, and these statistics don't get you worked up, we don't know what will.

Interested in setting up something similar? Our Customer Success team would be happy to help you out - just send an email to and we’ll get you started.

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