Case Study: DJ Zinc x Comment-to-Messenger
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Case Study: DJ Zinc x Comment-to-Messenger

Want to increase engagement on your Facebook posts? We take a look at how DJ Zinc recently used the Comment-to-Messenger feature to great success!
Case Study: DJ Zinc x Comment-to-Messenger

Facebook’s Comment-to-Messenger feature is a powerful growth and engagement tool. You ask fans to leave a comment on a Facebook post, and when they do, they receive a message from your Messenger bot. We take a look at how DJ Zinc recently used this feature to great success!

Are you looking to increase engagement on your Facebook posts? Try amazing your fans with a unique Messenger experience by asking them to comment on your post with a specific keyword. Combine this with Facebook ads to get even more comments on your page's posts.

UK drum and bass, breakbeat, UK garage and house DJ, DJ Zinc, recently used I AM POP to surprise his fans with new and exclusive, unreleased tracks. We’ll show you how you can do something similar. This is how it works:

Setting up a Comment-to-Messenger campaign

A Comment-to-Messenger campaign is all about getting people to comment on your Facebook post with a specific keyword or keywords. Make sure this is clearly reflected in your posts!

If a user leaves a comment containing one of your keywords, these people will automatically receive a message, directly in Messenger.

You can set up a Comment-to-Messenger rule for a specific Facebook post, using its post id, or for all of your Facebook page's posts. You can run ads on any of these posts, of course, to ensure people reply as much as possible.

Here’s an in-depth support article explaining the growth tool and how to use it for your own campaigns.

You want to make your Facebook post as appealing as possible, by using enticing visual assets like videos and images.

DJ Zinc started off his campaign with the following post on his Facebook page.

Start off your campaign with an engaging post

Commenting ‘dnb' or ‘house' triggered the initial message sent to the user. You can choose as many keywords as you want. Try to anticipate spelling variations to make sure you catch all responses. This ensures a smooth user experience.

DJ Zinc set up the following keywords to trigger the message, making sure to cover variations on the words he mentioned in the copy of his Facebook post.

Anticipate spelling variations on your keywords

We’re sure you know that in 2019, video posts dominates Facebook engagement rates. DJ Zinc optimized the engagement on his post by adding a short video explaining the Comment-to-Messenger process.

House or dnb🤔 comment below, subscribe to my messenger and get a free exclusive track in your inbox next week🕺🏻💃🏻

Posted by DJ Zinc on Friday, August 16, 2019

This led to a whopping 760 comments on the post.

If you responded with one of the keywords, you would receive a message directly in Messenger. This fact would be reflected in the comment itself, as well.

Facebook indicates that your comment received a private response

As you can see, the campaign was set up to be triggered by first-level comments as well as second-level comments. This meant that people commenting on other users' comments would also trigger the bot to send a reply when using one of the keywords. This is also the default setting.

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Continuing your campaign in Facebook Messenger

By commenting on the Facebook post with one of the keywords, d&b, house, d’n’b, bass, drum, dnb, or jungle, users triggered being sent the following response message.

Note: bear in mind that people who receive this message aren’t automatically subscribed to your Messenger channel. They will need to respond to the message before they are added to your subscriber list.

DJ Zinc's initial response in Messenger

Due to the large number of responses, DJ Zinc decided to send out both tracks to people that commented on his Facebook post, a week later. People were sent a flow and could choose to receive the drum and bass track, the house track, or both.

Here's the follow-up message.

Sharing exclusives a week later

The unreleased track remained available in the Messenger inbox, but this follow-up message also drove traffic to Zinc’s Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. This way, he got to increase subscribes to both channels and hopefully sell some merchandise in the process.

What’s more, the seamless transition from Facebook post to Messenger inbox, and the consequently conversational and intimate Messenger experience meant super fans were treated to something unique and special.

This is a prime example of a well thought-out digital marketing campaign. Using your regular social media accounts to incite engagement with a visually appealing post, delivering a unique Messenger experience, and rewarding loyal fans with exclusive content.

In the process, DJ Zinc grew his subscriber list, which can easily be retargeted afterwards, with, for instance, a Sponsored Message campaign. Alternatively, try using our 'user data collection' tool to grow your email list, too.

Ultimately, running a Comment-to-Messenger campaign like this is a fun and exciting new way to interact with your social media followers.

Use Facebook ads to increase your marketing campaigns efficiency even more. You could run Click-to-Messenger ads where both a comment and a click trigger your bot to send the same flow as a reply, for instance.

If you would like to set up something similar using I AM POP, or have any questions on how to best go about using Facebook Messenger marketing for your brand or business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We'll gladly teach you how to use our tool to get people to leave comments and send them automated replies.

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