Case Study: Music Crowns x I AM POP
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Case Study: Music Crowns x I AM POP

Here's how global artist discovery platform, Music Crowns, uses direct-to-fan messaging to shine a spotlight on their own content
Case Study: Music Crowns x I AM POP

I AM POP provides artists and their marketers with an easy-to-use tool that simplifies direct-to-fan messaging and allows you to reach fans directly.

In our Case Study series, we chat to the people who regularly use our tool, and see how they feel about it. This time round, we spoke to Sam Gilbert from Music Crowns.

Can you tell me in a sentence who you are and what your role in music marketing is?

I'm Sam Gilbert, the founder of Music Crowns - a global artist discovery platform, promotions and opportunities hub for unsigned, independent and newly signed music artists.

Since 2010, we have been organically growing an engaged music loving audience working with the cream of unsigned and independent talent, which has seen us amass 3 million social media followers and over 1 billion views on Facebook alone with the content we have published through our distribution channels.

In that time, over 15,000 music artists have worked with us and many dedicate their big break to Music Crowns.

Our goal is to unearth and work with the hottest breakthrough talent on the planet so we are often asked to film and/or promote artists for both major and independent record labels, management companies, talent agencies and PR companies.

Why did you start experimenting with direct-to-fan messaging? How does it fit in with your marketing strategy?  

I was approached by the I AM POP team who, presumably, were fans of my Facebook page which now has over 3 million followers. We use the Messenger service to notify subscribers of new content, promotions and opportunities.

Are there any specific events or artists for which you have been using I AM POP’s tool?  

We particularly use it to shine a spotlight on our own content, created here in London.

What are the stats, how is it going?  

Our open rate is 92%, but we've learned that the open rate drops as your subscriber base grows. It is also worthy to note that you should reserve using the Messenger service for special notifications. Bombarding the subscribers is detrimental to your success.

What has been your favourite flow you’ve sent out so far?  

Our favourite flows have been when we construct a gallery with a link to our content which generates some good A/B testing with the lead image and link being different for each recipient.

How do you feel about being able to segment your subscribers through using I AM POP's segmenting tool?

The segmenting tool is a neat feature which we will start using at some point, for sure. I can see this being very useful for certain types of business.

To you, what makes Messenger marketing different from other communication channels like social and email?  

Messenger marketing is just so impactful and engaging. You just know that your subscribers are seeing your contact. With social and email, engagement and reach are completely left to chance and people easily discard your messages!

Any words of advice for other people wanting to get into direct-to-fan messaging?  

I was sceptical at first because of the on-boarding situation, which I found daunting given that I already had millions of fans and starting from scratch seemed pointless. I remember the days when you could inbox message everyone on your fan page!

I’m happy to say we now have thousands of subscribers which can make a real difference when you're shooting out news you want them to see and engage with. I'd totally advise getting involved seeing as, if you have engaging followers, these people can become your army!

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