Case Study: Sam Feldt x I AM POP
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Case Study: Sam Feldt x I AM POP

96% average open rates and an advent calendar - 31 days of free gifts! - announced in Messenger. Read how Sam Feldt has been using Messenger marketing!
Case Study: Sam Feldt x I AM POP

I AM POP provides artists and their marketers with an easy-to-use tool that simplifies direct-to-fan messaging and allows you to reach fans directly.

In our Case Study series, we chat to the people who regularly use our tool, and see how they feel about it. This time round, we spoke to Rik Tiggelaar from MusicAllstars MGMT.

Can you tell me in a sentence who you are and what your role in music marketing is?

I’m Rik Tiggelaar, and I’m the social media and online marketing manager of a couple of artists at MusicAllstars MGMT! I’m responsible for all online social platforms for artists like Sam Feldt, Carta, Lvndscape, and Mr. Belt & Wezol.

On a day-to-day basis, I help artists develop their online brand, come up with social strategies, and use online marketing tools - like I AM POP - to help my artists to get the most out of their fanbase!

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I love to mix and discover my own cocktails! My girlfriend got me a shaker set for Christmas and I’m kinda hooked on making drinks on the weekend!

Why did you start experimenting with direct-to-fan messaging? How does it fit in with your marketing strategy?

In my previous job, I worked for Armada Music, and I discovered the insane engagement rate direct-to-fan messaging has over regular communication outlets like Instagram swipe-ups or Facebook/Instagram wall posts.

This immediately grabbed my attention to search for tools like Mailchimp. When switching jobs, I started working with I AM POP as a way to gain more traction towards Sam Feldt’s own fan portal called We use the messaging tool to gain more followers on the platform and to direct fans from Facebook to attend in competitions like giveaways.

With which artist have you been using I AM POP’s tool?

With Sam Feldt, mostly.

What are the stats and how is it going so far?

The stats thus far are amazing! We have an open rate of 96% on average!

What has been your favourite flow you’ve sent out so far?

When we announced the advent calendar, 31 days of free gifts, on! I made this creative/funny flow where fans could interact by clicking 1 of 2 different options to advance in the conversation!

31 days of free gifts! Hooray!

Have you tried experimenting with I AM POP’s segmenting tool yet?

No, not yet, but we definitely should! It’s a cool way to target different groups within your user base for a more detailed strategy to sell concert tickets.

Sam Feldt’s Messenger channel has a great persistent menu, with lots of cool options. Nice job! What made you choose to design the channel this way?

The credit for this menu goes to my colleague Emma, who made it herself! I’m just using the template to update all the different kinds of content we have to offer.

I’m pretty sure she used this design so fans can easily access all different types of information they want to know about Sam Feldt. Fans can easily navigate to check if a new vlog is up or what the latest tour dates are!

To you, what makes direct-to-fan messaging different from other communication channels like social and e-mail?

The engagement and opening rate it gets! You don’t get a 96% open rate on average on any other marketing tool around. It’s a great way to give online media an extra boost.

Sam Feldt's campaign in action

Any words of advice for other people wanting to get into direct-to-fan messaging?

Try to get the messages as personalized as possible! If you approach your online visitor the same way as you would approach someone you know in real life, the chances of success (sales, open rates) are higher than sending a generic message around.

We always try to make the fan feel special by greeting them by their real name. It’s a small detail, but it works every time!

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Note: At the time of this publication, Rik Tiggelaar is no longer responsible for the Sam Feldt Messenger channel and its content. For more information, contact the Sam Feldt team directly.

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