Flow of the Week: Live Stream Request + Opt-in
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Flow of the Week: Live Stream Request + Opt-in

Hosting live streamed performances is an awesome music marketing tool. Use Messenger to make sure your audience tunes in on time!
Flow of the Week: Live Stream Request + Opt-in

How to promote your live streams

A great way for a record label to present newly signed artists to its followers is to host live streamed performances.

These performances, especially when combined with features like live commenting, bring fans together in an otherwise totally virtual space.

The problem is that live streams are extremely time-sensitive; if you don’t know when to tune in, you’re bound to miss out. To show you how to use direct-to-fan messaging to solve this issue, we came up with a customizable Live Stream Request template to help you increase viewer numbers.

The Live Stream Request flow in Messenger

Reach, engage with and segment your audience through Messenger

In this conversation, fans are asked which artist they would like to see perform next and get a chance to opt in to updates on when the stream goes live.

Not only does this bolster a sense of participation among fans, it also provides the label with valuable data on their fans' preferences, by using our segmenting tool. This data can, in turn, help decide how to budget your next marketing campaigns.

Pretty cool, right?

By opting in to updates, fans are automatically subscribed to a channel in which reminders can be sent out before the stream goes live. This means you boost viewer stats, you get the most out of your scheduled performances and — most importantly — your artists' precious time isn’t wasted!

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Promote your live streams through Messenger and make sure they are a huge success
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