Flow of the Week: Streaming Milestone
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Flow of the Week: Streaming Milestone

Reaching a new streaming milestone is a cause for celebration. Send your audience a message so they can join in, using our customizable flow template.
Flow of the Week: Streaming Milestone

How To Celebrate Your Music Streaming Wins

Sometimes, you just need to throw a party...

It’s in our nature to celebrate when things go our way. And when we celebrate…

We want others to celebrate with us 🎉.

Imagine: you’ve hit 500.000 streams of your new track on major music streaming platform Spotify in just three days. If that’s not a cause for celebration, we don’t know what is…

(Mind you, Drake hit 50 billion total streams in 2018 😮)

Include your Messenger subscribers in the fun! Send out a direct-to-fan messaging equivalent of saying “bring out the cake” - and boost those streaming numbers even more, while you’re at it.

Announce Your Streaming Milestone Using Our Flow Template

Check out our Streaming Milestone flow in action. You can preview it in Messenger and try setting up something similar yourself using I AM POP's Chat-editor.

The Streaming Milestone template in action

Depending on how well you are nurturing your Messenger channel, the amount of subscribers you reach are going to add to your new track’s streaming numbers. This’ll have the added benefit of helping you reach your next music streaming milestone goal!

The best thing about our simple flow template is that you can easily adjust and re-use it, once you hit that next goal.

This way, you and your fans get to keep the party going!

Hey there!👋
Celebrate streaming milestones with your audience by directly reaching out to them on Messenger!
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