5 Shopify Stores Making an Impact in the Netherlands (Part 2)
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5 Shopify Stores Making an Impact in the Netherlands (Part 2)

Here's a list of top-notch Shopify stores in the Netherlands. These best-in-class examples will inspire you to build something great yourself.
5 Shopify Stores Making an Impact in the Netherlands (Part 2)

When it comes to building the best Shopify store, you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. It’s commonly accepted that good artists borrow, and great artists steal. The same happens to apply to ecommerce stores.

Which is why we’ve decided to do some of the research work for you, and compile a list of top-notch Shopify stores in the Netherlands. These best-in-class examples will surely inspire you to build something magnificent yourself.

Let’s take a look at the businesses totally acing their ecommerce game right now. This is the second part in our recurring series. Make sure you also check out 5 Shopify Stores Making an Impact in the Netherlands (Part 1).

1. Filling Pieces

Website: https://www.fillingpieces.com/

Established: 2009

Agency: Ask Phill / Numbered

Amsterdam-born fashion brand with Surinamese roots Filling Pieces has been bridging the gap between streetwear and high fashion since 2009. It all started when founder Guillaume Philibert wanted to bridge the gap between streetwear and high fashion, and design a premium sneaker at a fair price point: the Low Top.

Filling Pieces Shopify store

The Low Top quickly became a symbol of affordable luxury design, and, with it, the brand catapulted itself to dizzying heights. But things didn’t end there, as FP keeps on challenging the status quo in an attempt to create unity through good design.

Ambitious brands like Filling Pieces need top-notch Shopify builds too. Which is why Ask Phill teamed up with design studio, Numbered, to build a Shopify 2.0 store unlike any other. This build truly became a testament to how far the Shopify platform has come.

To top it off, Filling Pieces recently started using ShopPop to keep their audience in the loop whenever a new collection hits the store.

With ShopPop’s Button to Drawer widget it’s a piece of cake for folks to sign up for these WhatsApp updates. What’s more: the widget is completely on brand, as well.

ShopPop's Button to Drawer widget for Filling Pieces

2. Welter Shelter

Website: https://www.weltershelter.com/

Established: 2015

Agency: Rock Lobster Syndicate

Another great fashion brand hailing from Amsterdam, Welter Shelter is the only all-weather outerwear brand this world needs. The technical superiority of Welter Shelter jackets make for warmth and protection like none other. At the same time, their garments are undeniably stylish and super comfortable.

Welter Shelter Shopify store

We can attribute the above to the fact that Welter Shelter jackets are made from the best materials available: Patagonian ecological wool, Italian cotton, Scottish wool blends. All of this complemented by a special 3-layer membrane that keeps everything waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Welter Shelter promises: “whatever the weather throws at you, we’ve got you covered.” A robust brand like that needs a robust ecommerce solution too.

Rock Lobster built them a great Shopify website, capable of withstanding anything you throw at it, and still making for a smooth customer experience. On top of that, they're in the process of setting up ShopPop new collection alerts on WhatsApp, as we speak.

3. Enter The Loft

Website: https://www.entertheloft.com/

Established: 2015

Agency: -

An interior agency and boutique shop at which they believe quality living starts with a beautiful inner space. Enter The Loft’s mission is to bring your interior ambitions to life by combining characteristic furnishings with inspiring accessories. Best of all: the folks over at Enter The Loft are obsessed with natural materials. Think wood, leather, glass and steel.

Enter The Loft Shopify store

The Enter The Loft online store includes products running from tableware and homeware to lighting, art & collectibles. Apart from this online offering, each month, Enter The Loft opens the doors to their showroom, The Loft. It’s a great way to blend physical and online customer experiences.

Not only is Enter The Loft a unique concept revolving around everything interior design, the fact that it offers both design services as well as actual products also make online store design a tad more challenging.

After all, there are two different customer journeys to consider. We have to admit Enter The Loft tackled this challenge masterfully. They also believe strongly in supplementing back in stock email messages with the option to receive these on WhatsApp. Peak customer-centricity, basically.

4. Robuust Amsterdam

Website: https://www.robuust.com/

Established: 2018

Agency: -

What do you get when you combine two product designers with a shared passion for creating beautiful things and let them team up the best local manufacturers? That’s right: unparalleled future-proof products, made to last a lifetime.  

Robuust Amsterdam Shopify store

Robuust Amsterdam founders Job Althof and Niek Sanders started their interior design label in 2018, building products focusing on simple geometric shapes, inspired by minimalism and sustainability. And it all started with designing one simple table for a friend.

Their current mission? To design quality products that last for generations. Robuust Amsterdam offers bedroom and living room collections, and then there’s collabs with the likes of ML | MV and WOW Paint.

Back in stock notification for Robuust

Robuust Amsterdam’s Shopify build mirrors the sturdiness, robustness and minimalist nature of the brand itself. And they’ve also recently set up ShopPop to send WhatsApp back in stock alerts and let people sign up for WhatsApp messages whenever a new product launches.

Product launch sign up for Robuust

5. Frank About Tea

Website: https://www.frankabouttea.com/

Established: 2016

Agency: -

While touring East Africa on a motorcycle in 2016, Frank About Tea founders Valerie and David realized there was something wrong with the tea supply chain. Their realization: the tea leaves are no longer fresh by the time they hit supermarket shelves.

Frank About Tea Shopify store

Which is how Frank About Tea was born. They figured it was time to source the best teas directly from producers and shorten that supply chain. All so you can enjoy a cup of fresh tea, while giving back to producers in the process.

How? Frank About Tea invests 2% of all turnover in farmer training courses. Currently, they’ve already successfully trained over 300 farmers.

New collection opt in on WhatsApp and Messenger

And did you know their tea isn’t the only thing that’s exceptionally fresh? For instance, Frank About Tea lets you sign up for notifications about new collections on both WhatsApp and Messenger.

And if any of their items are out of stock, you can opt in to receive a message on both those platforms when it's restocked, too. Pretty slick, right?

Any other Shopify stores we should mention?

We really hope you enjoyed this second edition round-up of Shopify stores making an impact in the Netherlands. If so, stay tuned for the next edition.

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